Instagram is saturated with carefully curated content. We want more realness! Set yourself apart by being your authentic self… you can do that with these cool mobile photography accessories. Step up and slay every post.

Black Eye lens

Auxiliary Lenses

Black Eye lenses attach to your smartphone for cool new perspectives. From fisheye and telephoto to wide-angle and macro lenses, now mobile photographers can add lenses similar to how DSLR photographers would.

  • Create dope action photos and videos with high-quality, 175° wide fisheye or wide-angle lenses! It lets you cover epic landscapes without compromising on any of the beauty.
  • Get 2.5x closer to your subject with the portrait telephoto lens. Perfect for taking captivating portraits with a shallow depth of field.
  • Get super up close and personal with any subject using the macro lens.
DJI Osmo Mobile

Angle & stability

– Grips

Instantly turn your smartphone into a fully functioning camera with the Pictar phone grip. The comfortable ergonomic design makes it feel like you’re holding a real camera without the extra weight and has four external buttons that let you shoot just like a real camera. Pictar is compatible with most “clip-on” lenses and has a cold shoe mount for flashlights.

  • The exposure compensation wheel allows you to alter the brightness of your photograph.
  • Turning the smart wheel allows you to select the mode you want to use.
  • The multi-state shutter release is electronically calibrated to provide maximum sensitivity.
  • The zoom ring changes the focal lengths and doubles as a selfie button.

The MeFoto Sidekick adaptor is literally the best phone holder/grip I have ever used. Compatibility is key, from landscape to portrait in a jiffy. Fits on all tripod mounts and with the sidekick plus even your larger phones sit securely. No more worrying about a dodgy spring phone holder dropping your phone anymore! – Gerald Langton

– Stabilisers

The Smooth 4 is a stabilising gimbal for photographers who want professional videos using their phone. The Smooth 4 compared to other gimbals has a significantly larger focus/zoom wheel, so you can capture your moments with ease.

With ActiveTrack, built-in sensors and a brushless motor, stability won’t be a problem with the Osmo Mobile 2. The time-motion setting allows you to record movement in one shot, while the new built-in zoom slider lets you operate your smartphone camera from the handle with more fluidly. This means that you’ll get high-definition panoramas with cinematic zoom.

For extra smooth footage, add the a Travel Slider. It’s the perfect tool for creating awesome video effects and transitions with your phone. Super easy to use; smooth sailing all the way. – Gerald Langton

– Tripods

The Benro BK10 is a versatile mini tripod for your smartphone (it also doubles as a selfie stick). A compact 19.5 cm when folded, it reaches a maximum height of 91 cm and boasts a load capacity of 1 kg, which is pretty impressive for its compact design. A removable Bluetooth remote and action camera adapter adds to this tripod’s versatility and appeal.

The Benro PocketPod is great for stabilising photos at a moment’s notice. The tripod is small enough to fit into your pocket (shocker!), and comes with a smart mount for any smartphone and a ball head to position your camera at various angles. – Graham van der Merwe

Iblazr photography

Better light

Use the iBlazr 2 LED Flash to create awesome photos and videos in no time. With four LEDs that put out up to 300 lux, the iBlazr 2 LED wireless flash is sure to add that “wow factor” to your photos and fill in shadows for an evenly-lit-photo. Simply attach the flash to your device using the mounting clip and connect it to your device via Bluetooth and you’ll be ready to go.

Better sound

For incredible audio with your footage add the VideoMic Me; a high-quality directional microphone for your iPhone.

The quality of sound your phone can output with internal mic is truly poor, enter the IQ6 and IQ7 from Zoom. Anyone doing sound recording, video, vlogging just simply cannot afford poor quality sound. The IQ7 will improve your sound quality ten-fold in video mode and sound recording mode for a much more professional result. With personal experience, I highly recommend the IQ6 and IQ7 to anyone looking to level up their sound. – Gerald Langton

Print & share

The Instax Share 2 smartphone printer allows you to instantly print images taken on your mobile phone onto the Instax mini films. It’s equipped with a reprint button should you want additional copies for friends and family. More attractive features are filter and template options to brighten up your memories and give you the freedom of choice.

Portable Charger

Equipped with rechargeable solar panels, this compact Solar Mobile Plus USB charger easily fits into small pockets and makes a big difference when it’s needed most.