Working with Ilse Moore released a feeling of creativity; of lines and shapes and textures all coming together. For her masterclass at Admired In Africa’s Be Inspired 2019 conference, contrasting black-and-white dresses were used for added drama along with two extended pieces of fabric that were thrown into the air, freezing them mid-air using flashes.

Yolandi Jacobsz added interesting visual elements like beautifully crafted origami birds that were added to the seam of the model’s dress to appear natural, almost as if they were coming from the dress, floating off in flight. These birds perfectly matched the crisp white Made Design Atelier dress the model wore and as well as the hotel’s forested area which let in beautiful natural light. Elinchrom ELB500 lights were provided for those who used off-camera flash.

The Be Inspired conference aspires to inspire attendees by what the masters can do, and help them get some images for themselves in the scenes provided; something they can use to form part of their portfolio and, hopefully, inspire their personal projects.

Alexis Muntz Photography
Alexis Muntz Photography
Ilse Moore Photography
Yolandi Jacobsz Photography