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Since the 1960s, Manfrotto has designed and manufactured strong, durable photo and video tripods, and monopods. Thanks to advances in digital technology, they continue to expand their range to this day.

Manfrotto prides itself on providing its customers with products that they can trust to support their gear and its clear from their slogan “Manfrotto Imagine More” that supporting the creative community in expressing itself is what they’re really about. Whatever your skill level, Manfrotto has a tripod or monopod for you, so you can go out and create.

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Photo tripods don’t just stabilise cameras for shooting crisp, non-blurry and high-quality images, but also helps to alleviate the strain from carrying heavier gear like telephoto lenses. That’s why Manfrotto’s product range includes various aluminium and carbon fibre photo tripods to support photographers’ diverse needs.

The Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Carbon Fibre 3-Section Tripod, for example, is incredibly easy to use while offering outstanding support wrapped in a lightweight (100% carbon fibre), stylish Italian design. Thanks to the innovative Quick Power Lock (QPL) leg-locking mechanism, it’s an easy setup. The innovative bubble level rotates freely around the centre column, enabling you to position your camera so that nothing obscures it, and the Easy Link connector transforms your tripod into a mobile studio, allowing you to connect light, flash and other accessories like the Phottix Stay-Put Sandbag. It’s ideal for travelling photographer, and for shooting outdoors where you need a tripod that absorbs unwanted and unplanned vibrations.

Photo tripod
Photo Tripod

What makes video tripods different from photo tripods is that they have fluid heads providing constant movement needed for panning and tilting. They usually also lack an extension section that tends to result in unwanted movement when panning, which is not ideal for videography.

The Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Head (video head and ball head) and 546GB Video Tripod Kit allow precise control for creating smooth video. This compact, versatile system is designed with independent video and DSLR shooters in mind as it provides the level of ergonomics and support required by today’s small crews and one-man bands.

  • The video head features a counterbalance system for supporting big camera loads, while 3/8″ threads in the top plate allow for attaching monitors, arms and other accessories directly to the head.
  • The two-stage aluminium tripod supports up to 20 kg and is suitable for both smooth and uneven surfaces because of its interchangeable spiked and rubber feet.
  • The ball head features a 75mm half ball that allows for fast levelling and a sturdy pan-tilt platform.
  • This kit even comes with an over-the-shoulder padded tripod bag for travelling. The bag has a zipper that runs the entire length of the bag so that you can access the tripod with ease while the extra interior padding ensures that your gear is protected while in transport.
video tripod
Video Tripods

Monopods are ideal for when you know that you’ll be shooting in a crowded area or tight space. It helps to support and balance the camera, giving you more control that would be possible when shooting handheld. A monopod can also help you broaden your depth of field and focus on your subject.

The Manfrotto XPRO LAND Aluminium 5-Section Monopod has an easy and solid setup which includes a Quick Power Lock that can be released with one single hand movement after use and a soft rubber leg warmer that dramatically increases the comfort of handling the monopod.

This monopod, like many others, is known for its versatility due to the 1/4- inch thread and the infamous D-shaped aluminium tube that improves the anti-rotation resistance of the monopod.