Make your moments fly with the new DJI Mini 2 droneIt’s an affordable, yet feature-rich drone ideal for fun holiday photos and videos.

Light & compact

The Mini 2 comes in an elegant light grey and weighs only 249 g. Its propellers fold in tightly and securely for an impressively compact drone that is easy to travel with. Without the battery, it weighs just 150 g. 

TIP: In the options menu, you can choose what colour the LED light at the front should glow.

Excellent battery life

Battery life is excellent as it provides up to 31 minutes of flight time. Even though it can accept more charge, the new 2,250mAh battery is smaller and not compatible with the Mini 2’s predecessor, the Mavic Mini.

Improved radio technology

With twice the radio control range of the Mavic Mini, the Mini 2 boasts a video transmission range of 10 km thanks to OcySync 2.0. Using the included controller, mount your phone on top to monitor the flight.

Note that in South Africa, the legal flying distance is 500m away from the pilot while maintaining a direct, unaided line of sight. It is important to follow SACAA rules and regulations unless otherwise permitted.

DJI Mini 2 Drone
DJI Mini 2 Drone

Better GPS & wind resistance

Stronger motors together with improved global positioning and optical sensors help maintain a confident hover (even in wind speeds up to 38.5 km/h), and allows the drone to land within a metre of its take-off point.

Get closer with 4x zoom

A 4x zoom lets you “see” your subject up close while maintaining a safe flying distance.

4K, Raw & stabilised camera

A 3-axis gimbal stabilises shake for smooth 12MP stills and 4K30 video in .MP4 format. Thankfully, DNG (Raw) format is available that extends dynamic range during post-production.

Intelligent modes & QuickShots

These modes include capturing 10-second videos along a pre-determined path, and detecting suitable subjects but only up to 1080p. You can export these QuickShots to your social media pages complete with music and colour enhancements.

Enhanced Photo & Panorama

The camera offers wide-angle shots at 180˚, full 360˚shots and 3×3 panoramas.


The Mini 2 drone is for sale at Outdoorphoto and comes with a battery, controller and charging cable, including a spare set of propellers (plus screws and a screwdriver to fit them), thumb-sticks for the controller, a protector for the camera, and three cables (Lightning, USB-C or MicroUSB) to plug your iPhone or Android smartphone to the controller. Download the free DJI Fly app to start flying.

The Fly More Combo adds two (very useful) spare batteries to your setup, a two-way charging hub (that can be used as a power bank), two pairs of propellers a propeller holder and mounting screws, a mains adaptor, and a shoulder bag.

DJI Mini 2 Drone Fly More Combo