MagMod empowers photographers to create masterpieces without fidgeting with light modifiers, bounce lights, grids, gels and snoots. MagMod modifiers attach to your flash within a second without any hassle and this is achieved with the help of their little magnetic friends on the inside. Embedded on the inside of each MagMod modifier are super strong neodymium “rear earth” magnets that instantly grab onto your flash and stay there until told otherwise.

Feel your inner Picasso crawling out? MagMod has you covered (even your crazy creative side) thanks to the MagMasks. MagMod hit the nail right on the head when they called these masks their “pattern projecting things of wonder.” These stainless steel masks that easily slide into your MagBeam will create light patterns onto your objects or images.

MagMod MagMask Pattern 2

6 Reasons to use MagMod

MagMod combines these six elements to create a product that is so effortless, it’s almost too good to be true:

  1. one size fits all
  2. magnetic powers
  3. easy accessibility
  4. super strength
  5. lightning speed
  6. ultimate simplicity
MagMod Product Range Image

MagMod is equipped for both studio and wildlife photography. They design products like the MagSphere which acts as a light diffuser. The MagSphere provides efficient diffusion which results in saving battery life and power. Also with the MagSphere, you will lose less than 1 stop of light versus the 2-4 times the amount of light loss from other modifiers. The MagSphere also has an integrated gel slot, like most of the MagMod modifiers, which allows you to add the Artistic or Creative MagGels for even more creative expression and freedom.

And now the MagBeam Wildlife kit – when you come across a lion cub sleeping next to his mother there is no time to struggle with hassle-filled accessories and also no room for the noise of velcro ripping. Simply use the MagMod kit and be reassured of at least one great shot. Included in the kit is the revolutionary MagGrip. This little guy does big things as it is designed to be a strong, easy and quick attachment method for all the speedlight modifiers through the powerful magnetism. Add as many MagMod products to your MagGrip as you want as its strong magnetic powers will hold onto all of them.