MagBox is the first softbox that works with a magnetic design, which means that your photographic journey into creating beautiful, soft light just got a whole lot easier.


The benefits of this revolutionary softbox system:

  • A magnetic attachment: On the inside of the MagBox Octa 24 softbox base are powerful magnets that make setting up quick and easy. Even in windy conditions your MagBox and MagRing attachment will stay put.
  • Easy to set up and tear down: Open the MagBox with one easy click. With magnets at the base, you can even throw it onto your MagRing if you’re in the mood to show off. To remove the MagBox from the MagRing, simply press the Magnetic Field Disrupter and it comes undone in seconds. The MagBox collapses into one neat, portable softbox and can be stored safely in its carrying case.
  • Hassle-free, integrated gels: MagMod’s rigid gels snap right into a built-in gel holder, (flimsy gel sheets are a thing of the past). You don’t even have to remove your diffuser to swap gels!
  • Obstruction-free design: The calculated design of the MagBox distributes light evenly and without a hotspot on a single or multiple speedlights. The MagBox provides clean light quality and highest effective output.


MagShoe: The easy-to-use MagShoe is an ergonomic durable cold-shoe bracket that can operate with one hand.

  • Fast & easy: Just slide in your flash and turn the lock 90 degrees.
  • One-handed operation: Just press the handy orange button to make quick, precise adjustments.
  • Universal: The MagShoe works with any flash. It also includes a 1/4″- 20 adaptor.
  • Ergonomic: A silky smooth silicone coating and ergonomic grip feel like.
  • Umbrella-compatible: The MagShoe sticks to all umbrellas.
  • Mobile: Because of its comfortability to use, the MagShoe makes it easy to take your setup handheld.

MagRing: A magnetic speedring that easily attaches larger modifiers to smaller hot-shoe flashes.

  • Universal: Any flash with a MagGrip will be compatible with the MagRing.
  • On-camera to off in seconds: With the strong magnets inside the MagGrip, speedlights attach securely to the MagRing.
  • Strong & secure locks: With your flashes magnetically mounted in the ring, close the strong security doors to lock them in place.
  • Time-saving: MagRing is so convenient that you’re free to leave your mounted flash/es in it even when you don’t need your softbox.
  • Second-shooter solution: Your assistant’s flash can be in the same position as yours – no need for a second light stand.