MagMod’s phrase “Velcro is for grandma’s shoes” rings true. This Kickstarter-funded company excels at redesigning traditional light shaping tools into magnetic versions that are remarkably easy to use, allowing photographers more time to focus on their craft and less time setting up gear. More recently, MagMod produced the MagBox, a universal flash softbox system that is easy to set up, mount, modify and gel.

Pritesh Nathoo Photography

Creating magnetic attraction

Magnets inside the base of the MagBox make attachment fast, silent and super strong. The MagShoe attaches to the MagRing, which attaches to the MagBox and then to the diffuser. Yes, it simply “clips” onto the diffuser – no more wrestling with sticky, shrieking velcro. Even the colour gels are designed to perfectly fit into the light modifier, and you can easily access and change gels on set with the zipper compartment on the side.

What do the photographers think?

We sent the MagBox pro kit to André Badenhorst, who is well known for his conceptual photography and obsessed with light, to play around with and needless to say, we never saw it again. He describes the system as being “André-proof” and his favourite light modifier to date.

Always in search of reliable gear, professional wedding photographer, Pritesh Nathoo, says that it’s “something all wedding photographers will appreciate”. He needs his workflow as streamlined as possible and that’s exactly what the MagBox provides. For more power, he adds two flashes to the softbox while the focus diffuser provides around two stops more light and narrows light spill.

Included in the MagMod MagBox 24“ Pro Kit

  • MagMod MagBox 24“ Octa Softbox 
  • MagBox 24 Octa FocusDiffuser
  • MagRing
  • MagShoe for MagRing
  • Case for MagBox
  • Gel Correction Set (2x full CTO gels, 3x ½ CTO gels, 2x ¼ CTO gels & a full blue gel)
  • Limited 1-Year Outdoorphoto Warranty
Pritesh Nathoo Wedding Photography