I used the Benro MoverOver8 slider at a wedding with my Canon 5D mark iii and I also had 2 Benro tripods with me.

When I had the chance to use it in big spaces and not rushed for time the slider was honestly amazing. The slider moves smoothly and the fact that it is paired by the Benro S8 fluid head also ensures for a killer combo allowing you to be super creative and get various angles and smooth movement.

Another thing about the Benro MoveOver8 is that it is extremely light, you would expect something so big and so steady would be heavy but luckily for the carbon fibre it weighs next to nothing.
Something that was also a big plus was its silent movement. With some sliders the smooth shots come at a price but not with the Benro MoveOver8. Also, the fact that the feet are adjustable really helps you to stabilize the slider and secure it on rough terrain.

The fact that it is so big can be both awesome and annoying depending on the location and setup you find yourself in. So for anyone that wants to use the slider, you need to know that it takes up quite a lot of space compared to what one would wish to use at a wedding as a videographer. Also, as far as my knowledge and research goes, the easiest way to mount the Benro MoveOver8 is with two stands/tripods, so any potential user just needs to take that into consideration.

To give an overall experience at a wedding using the Benro MoveOver8 was that it works well, but only for shots where one doesn’t need to move from one spot to the other quickly. Keep in mind that when you plan on doing wide angled shots you’re not going to mount it on stands. (No bride wants a close-up shot from a “down under” angle, double chin deluxe!) If you have the time to mount it, go for it and if you’re going to use it for the couple’s shoot with wide angles, have fun! After all, that is where you’ll benefit from it’s size and fluid head pairing.

I look extremely forward to using it again! Next time, for a commercial shoot, since I think the Benro would be ideal for commercial videos.

Benro MoveOver8 Slider for videography purposes
Benro S8 Fluid Head
Benro MoveOver8 Slider