Lexar never really left. Soon after the announcement that Lexar would discontinue, it was acquired by another company to continue its long-standing and trusted history in the market. Today, its data storage solutions are in full production and shipped globally, and Lexar continues to develop its line of products to meet new advancements in camera technologies.

Lexar memory cards

The Lexar lineup includes SD and CF memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers and SSDs. Each style undergoes extensive testing to ensure fast, reliable performance and peace of mind that your media is protected.

SD & CF memory cards

Lexar memory cards allow your camera to reach its full speed potential while safeguarding the files inside. The available SD formats include SDHC and SDXC (same size; more storage capacity), and microSD that allow you to transfer data between small electronic devices and your computer. CompactFlash (CF) and its improved version, CFexpress, are also available. These formats offer maximum write speeds of about 100MB/s to 150MB/s, ideal for hobbyist photographers who take a moderate number of photos.

CFast memory cards

For professionals who plan on taking a lot of photos at a time, a higher capacity CFast memory card is generally recommended. Having too much storage is better than not enough! CFast also offers the speed required (maximum of up to 500MB/s) to keep up with writing high-resolution RAW bursts and 4K video. This makes them more suitable for high-end digital cameras and camcorders.

Which memory card to get?

Your camera will generally determine which format you can get as it is typically only compatible with certain types. Luckily, each type offers various performance options to provide a good cost to benefit ratio. It makes no sense to invest in expensive camera gear but not a quality memory card (and vice versa) as a bad card can slow down your camera and corrupt its files. 

The best card is the one that lets you use your camera to its full potential. Consider card type, speed and capacity to match the best Lexar card to your needs. For advice, get in touch with our friendly sales consultants at info@outdoorphoto.co.za or DM on any of our social pages.

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