Leica Optics: binoculars & spotting scopes

16 Aug 2017

It takes just one look through a Leica binocular or spotting scope to understand why they are so popular. Eagle eye precision meets comfortable, easy handling and style to match. Indeed, every piece of a Leica optic is precision-placed so that you can rely on Leica for spotting even the most intricate detail at a distance.

Next time you travel abroad, have your pick of one of the charming Leica Ultravid Binoculars or even the Leica Silverline 10×42 that lets you zoom in on a Renaissance fresco on a city tour, or the winning horse at a derby. Like photography, binoculars offer a unique perspective of the visual word that creates treasured memories.

There’s always a reason to invest in a pair of Leica optics – take a pair with to your next favourite sporting event, the ballet or opera. It’s a lifestyle thing.

If you’re a bird lover, having a quality pair of spotting scopes makes even more sense. With Leica spotting scopes, you can finally put a name to that sound – another tick off the bucket list. Whether in your home garden or on safari, spotting scopes are handy in most birding situations.

Wildlife enthusiasts, whether in conservation or photography, benefit from Leica binoculars in that they do not only let you spot animals from afar, but it is less intrusive thereby allowing the wild to continue as if not being watched. It’s nature at its truest. Experience nature anew with an extra pair of eyes by your side that won’t let you down.

Spotting Scopes

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Leica Spotting Scopes for Birding

If you’re a nature-lover or birdwatcher, investing in Leica Spotting Scopes is a must! With state-of-the-art sharp, bright, crystal clear view, you’ll be able to spot even the most distant subjects. Depend on Leica’s Spotting Scopes for the best colour rendition and contrast and for focusing on the finest details at any distance thanks to fluoride glasses for a natural viewing experience and innovative smooth, zooming features for satisfying handling.

The Leica APO-Televid 82 Spotting Scope angle view and straight view deliver bright, clear and pin-sharp image rendition and with a close focus distance of 3.8 m it brings the beauty of nature close. And the Leica Spotting Scope Zoom Eyepiece 25-50x WW ASPH wide-angle eyepiece guarantees incomparable viewing quality in every situation. No matter the situation, Leica spotting scopes for birding have you covered.

Leica Binoculars

Leica binoculars feature the ultimate in HD optics to ensure excellent image quality with minimal distortion and aberration.

The Leica Ultravid 10×42 HD Plus features at the top of the range. With a 10x magnification this model is recommended for uses where detail is critical, such as birdwatching. The Ultravid range is also available in other optic designs. The Ultravid 8×42 HD Plus offer the same bright imagery with a slightly larger field of view, while the Ultravid 10×25 features strong magnification packed into a small lightweight body, perfect for sporting use like horse racing and rugby. Leica binoculars prices are diverse – the Leica Ultravid 10×25 offers the same great quality at a much more budget-conscious price.

Leica Ultravid 10×25 Binoculars

  • Roof prisms with phase-correction
  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Nitrogen-filled fogproof / waterproof
  • Dual-hinge bridge configuration
  • Twist-up rubber eyecups
  • 15mm eye relief
  • AquaDura moisture-resistant lens coating
  • Matching leather carrying case
  • Coloured leather trimmed housing

Leica Duovid Binoculars

  • Waterproof & fogproof
  • Roof prism
  • Made in Germany

Leica Geovid HD-R Rangefinder Binoculars

  • Class 1 eye-safe IR laser
  • 10-2200 yard metering range
  • Inclinometer measures relative angle
  • HDC fully multi-coated optics
  • Perger-Porro prism configuration
  • Displays range in yards or metres
  • Open-bridge / dual-hinge configuration
  • Magnesium alloy chassis
  • Twist-up click-stop eyecups

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