You don’t have wait for the rain to clear up to take photos. There are many protective accessories on the market that will keep your valuables dry even in the wettest weather.

Rain Cover

A rain cover is the best place to start. Ranging from clear plastic to more durable sleeves, these are affordable and lighweight enough to become a staple in your gear bag. These sleeves, also known as rain jackters, often have drawstring opening for the lens and a small opening for your camera’s viewfinder or eyepiece. This makes it easy to compose shots even with the plastic on. It can be used handheld or on a tripod, and depending on the type of plastic, the tripod mount can be attached directly through the pliable plastic. The covers also leave enough room to operate the basic controls. Not only do they protect your camera and lens setup from rain, but also from mist, spray, sand and dust while you take photos. They come in different sizes, so take note of the sleeve’s length and diameter before you buy.

Think Tank emergency rain cover

Lens Hood

The main purpose of attaching a lens hood to the front of your lens is to block unwanted light from hitting internal lens element resulting result in flare. It also protects your lens from accidental bumps and scratches, and is therefore advisable to use at most times. It does not provide enough protection from heavy rain, but is handy when it’s drizzling outside. When shooting near water, such as seascapes, a lens hood will not prevent spray from getting on the front of the lens, so be sure to keep a microfibre cleaning cloth by your side to gently wipe off droplet residue.

B&W outdoor case protects your camera gear, ideal for watersports.

Dry Sacks & Hard Cases

When travelling in wet weather, snow or even across water, waterproof bags and hard cases are a must! The Sea to Summit dry sack is an inexpensive and less bulky alternative to traditional dry bags. It will keep your contents dry as long as its not submerged, ideal for backpacking and adventure travel. Its outer is made from a high-performance waterproof fabric and the inner from bright white laminate for easily finding of contents. Simply place your gear in the bag and follow the roll-up instructions,

For maximum protection, we recommend using watertight hard cases such as manufactured by B&W. These high-quality outdoor cases are easily stackable, watertight, dustproof, airtight, shock resistant, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. These high-quality cases will keep your camera safe even in extreme cold and heat from -40ºC up to +80ºC, are water and dustproof (IP67 certified), crackproof and shock resistant. It’s the responsible choice for keeping your gear absolutely dry.