Have you ever found yourself in the field on a bird photography excursion wishing you had some kind of tool to increase your flash output? You encounter the best birdshot of your life, but when you look through the lens it’s so dark you can’t even see the beautiful colours.

MagMod put an end to not only low light in bird photography but also wildlife, portrait, wedding and commercial photography when they developed the MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit. Greater flash outputs at greater distances are a reality thanks to this revolutionary speedlight modifiers.

In MagMod’s own words it can be described as “durable silicone and freakishly strong magnets put together to make a system of magnetic modular modifiers”. It is also rated 4.5/5 stars on MagMod’s website by MagBeam users – exactly why we call it revolutionary!

Let’s explore the MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit’s contents and features:

What’s included in the MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit?

What’s included in the MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit

What’s so great about using a MagMod MagBeam?

As soon as you start unpacking the MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit, its quality feel stands out.

Ease of use

It’s not only the most unique and versatile tool for speedlight flashes but also durable, easy to set up won’t weigh you down or cramp your style. Setting up the kit is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Install the included MagGrip onto the front side of your speedlight.
  2. Connect the Tele Lens to the front of the MagBeam ensuring that its grooves are installed towards your flash.
  3. Hold the MagBeam close to the MagGrip – it will connect magnetically and there you have your revolutionary easy setup done!

Capture skittish animals with increased brightness

Shot Without MagBeam
Shot Without MagBeam

The MagMod MagBeam is used to funnel all of the light into a more compressed circle, effectively increasing the brightness of the light in that one specific spot by 2 to 3 stops.

Did you know?

With 2 to 3 stops of brighter light, you can use a faster shutter speed for sharper photographs. A shutter speed of 1/50s, 1/200s, or even 1/400s will work perfectly! Alternatively, you can lower your ISO speed from ISO3200 down to ISO800 or ISO400 to improve your image quality and you will capture a dramatically cleaner image. 

You can thus brighten up the shadows on a backlit animal (where a pop-up flash won’t work) or add a light into a subject’s eyes to help it look more alive.

Since you don’t need a brighter flash to illuminate the image it means you can now turn your flash power down and still get the same flash brightness you were getting before, but you are using 2 to 3 stops less power. As a result of using less power – your batteries will last longer and your flash will recycle 4 times faster, which enables you to capture fast-moving, skittish animals.

You can leave the magnetic MagGrip on your flash which brings setup time down to under a second – another reason why you will definitely be able to catch the rare animal making its appearance.

Use MagBeam in 3 configurations

The MagBeam has the ability to adjust the beam spread to one of three positions, fully-collapsed, semi-collapsed and extended. Each configuration can be utilised in a different situation.


The fully-collapsed configuration portrays a wider beam pattern while retaining the beautiful shape and crisp edges. It’s like having a Hollywood-style fresnel spotlight that fits in your pocket.


A bit more focused light than with the fully-collapsed configuration and a bit less concentrated than when using the extended configuration. To create the best spotlight effect, you need to set the flashlight zoom as wide as you can (24mm or wider). With a wider zoom on your flash, the light will look cleaner from edge to edge, you can also consider using the MagBeam in the extended position.


If you’re looking for a super-focused light with a hard edge, similar to a stage spotlight, use the MagBeam fully extended, this is where the tele lens really shines. Portrait wedding and commercial photographers will love the MagBeam because it can be used as an ultra-portable spotlight with the 3 stops as additional light output.

Nifty-need-to-know tips and tricks

  • Wildlife and bird photographers need to shoot at the highest flash output possible while using the Tele Lens (set flashed zoom to 70mm or greater). Between 70 – 200mm the output is essentially the same.
  • Depending on your wildlife photography flash setup, you will need to calibrate the angle of the MagBeam to the centre of your frame to ensure proper illumination. 
  • To extend the Magbeam, hold the base in one hand and the top in the other hand and the firmly separate your hands in a quick motion.
  • To collapse the MagBeam, grab the topsides and pull the next section towards it – repeat this step for the next section until it’s fully collapsed.

Shot with MagBeam

Shot with MagBeam
Shot with MagBeam