Photographs with Instagram and your i-Phone.

Many of you reading this article will own at least one car. Probably even a 4×4 vehicle, hopefully a Land Rover. The thing is; if you need to get from point A to point B it really doesn’t matter what car you are driving. Whether it’s a dusty, oil-leaking “tjorretjie”, a Corolla or even a Range Rover with too many buttons, not knowing what it actually does. In the end we all need fuel.


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Ok, so where am I going with this? It’s suppose to be a photography related article. Well, that’s my point exactly – it’s not about the camera (or car)! It’s about how well you can use it! To do that, you need to start with composition which is ultimately your fuel.


Not convinced yet? Well, the proof is in the images. I wonder how many people reading this will actually believe me if I tell you that all of these images have been taken with my iPhone. Yes, my iPhone!


I always like to encourage people to start with a very basic camera (such as a smart phone) without too many functions and buttons. This way, you are forced to focus on your composition rather than all the technical settings. I see way too many people with super expensive equipment and then they use their cameras on Automatic or Program mode. What’s the point in spending so much money on equipment if you can’t even use it to it’s full potential? Rather fill up your Landy and hit the road with your point-and-shoot! Only once you have more knowledge to know how and in which ways you are limited by your equipment, only than should you invest in a different, more advanced camera.


People get frustrated with things like aperture, shutter and white-balance. Not to mention ISO and depth-of-field, yet they still can’t take an interesting image. For this reason I invite you to start using the camera on your smart phone. There are really cool apps out there such as Camera+ and Snapseed to play around with. Another one would be TtV Camera Basic, to name a few. Many of these apps are free or really cheap. And than there is even the built-in panoramic function in your iPhone (Please note that I am only familiar with some iPhone apps and don’t have confirmation on the apps available for other smart phones).


Apart from all the apps out there you can also get quite a variety of gadgets for iPhones and probably other smart phones too. There are funky little lenses such as fish-eye and macro lenses and even little tripods. You’ll be amazed to see what’s out there.


This brings me to another point; Instagram. I’m a total Instagram addict! This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to get a good DSLR, it’s simply a great way to always have a camera with you. And no, you won’t be able to do much printing from these images but that’s not necessarily why you use your iPhone. It’s a way to have fun, be able to practice composition and use it to help you understanding and seeing light – not to start charging money for doing shoots on your iPhone.


With that said, you can view my Instagram images here: instagram.com/jonellelouw


All of these shots were taken with my iPhone. So, if you’re not already on Instagram, get the app and follow me. Also check out “Outdoorphotoshop” and “JonelleLouwPHOTOTIPS”. If you need some advice on your composition or any feedback regarding your images we’ll gladly share some tips and tricks on how and where you can improve your images.



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I’m looking forward to see some ODP members and fans getting hooked on Instagram. It’s loads of fun and there are many inspiring photographers from all over the world who you can follow too. Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you.


Go on, go and frame your fun!


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