It would be a shame not to invest in the Legendary Rugged Toughness that is LaCie. Not only do these hard drives and SSDs stand out thanks to their unmistakable orange housings, but stand up to tough environments ensuring that your precious data is always protected.


LaCie Thunderbolt sports blazing-fast speeds and optional SSD performance of up to 510 MB/s (130 MB/s with HDD version).


Trust LaCie hard drives to capture and transport your data in the field, giving you peace of mind. For excellent data protection, choose LaCie.


Thanks to water-, drop- and shock-resistant housings, LaCie shields your data when you’re on the move. It’s an all-terrain storage solution.

What impresses us most about these storage solutions is that they are built to be used. What’s the use of having portable storage that is too flimsy to take with you wherever you go? Thanks to non-slip rubber casings, they absorb impact making them a breeze to travel with. In fact, the LaCie Rugged external drive range has an average drop-resistance range of 1.2 m and crush-resistance of a 1-tonne car. LaCie storage also withstands extreme temperatures as proved by the Thunderbolt and RAID drives’ IP54  ratings. Simply put, these are enclosure ratings promise that your LaCie drives really are water- and dust-resistant.

LaCie hard drives

LaCie drives are also compact, which means that you can grab a drive without needing to remember any cables. Thanks to the non-removable Thunderbolt cable, everything you need is tucked neatly inside one housing, and with a bus-powered connection, it is a no-brainer why LaCie drives are inherently more portable and convenient than other hard drives or SSDs.

Data is precious and often irreplaceable. LaCie hard drives and SSDs are built to last, but for even greater peace of mind, invest in RAID storage. With RAID, losing your data is nearly impossible. It works by backing up all your data within itself. So, everything you saved onto the drive is saved twice – once on the drive you saved it originally and automatically again on another drive, which means that if you’re main drive ever is damaged, your data will be stored on the second drive.

USB-C is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data and is found in the newest phones and computers like the Apple MacBook – yes, it is powerful enough to charge both smaller and larger devices. It will soon replace the older, larger USB connectors until everything you own charges via the tiny new standard USB connection. And it’s reversible, which means that you no longer need to flip it around three times before finding the correct orientation.

But what if you don’t have USB-C yet? Don’t worry. Thanks to USB 3.0 Type-C external hard drive compatibility, LaCie products are also backwards compatible with USB 3. and USB 2.0 so you can continue working with what you have.

For the fastest speed, LaCie is also at the technological forefront with SSDs. These are non-volatile memory that works like a flash making it easy to plug and play without worrying that you’ve damaged it that one time you forget to safely remove. SSD is also fast, blazing fast with speeds of up to 510 MB/s depending on your chosen product. Hard drive speeds also impress with speeds of 110 MB/s to 240 M/Bs, depending on the item.

LaCie is a world-class storage solution for photographers, videographers and audio professionals with unmatched competition in terms of innovation, speed, reliability and compatibility. Colour us impressed.