What is your story (how did you get into illustration; did you study art)?

I was always the quiet kid drawing on the floor or behind a closed door. I didn’t care much for sports, socialising and school. I preferred solitude. Drawing, music and writing created an escape from my reality (it still does). So I kept drawing and found myself studying Graphic Design at Vega. I am currently focused on becoming a Tattoo Artist.

What is your most favourite genre to illustrate?

I am a big fan of Dark Surrealism. It is chaotic but beautiful and raw in its darkness. I also like over exaggerating elements of realism, giving it a whole different tone and emotion.

Desert Skies

How do you go from conceptualising to action to result?

I am driven by my emotions so concepts and execution differ from piece to piece. My recent work is all about free-handing, having my emotions lead the way. I rarely plan what’s about to appear; I tend to let my instincts decide. My earlier work is based on imagery, lyrics and dreams I would usually find bizarre, striking and aesthetically pleasing.

How do you describe your style of art?

Dark, conceptual, raw and emotional where I question my inner consciousness. I am also constantly contradicting chaos with calm.

How do you achieve your goal/results – what programmes/hardware do you use?

Procreate & Adobe Photoshop.

Are there any artists you adore and draw inspiration from?

Where do I start?

  • Michelle Avery Konczyk
  • Miles Johnston
  • Elena Sai
  • Tomasz Alen Kopera
  • Aykut Aydoğdu
  • Tom Bagshaw

For some inspiration for our upcoming artists, how did you get from being an aspiring artist to doing it as a full-time career?

Be yourself! Don’t copy or strive to be someone else; that’s boring and pointless. Find your niche and make something original.

Career choices within art are limitless. Choose one. Do your research, learn and appreciate feedback from others but also know when to LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

Death Wish
Accidental Synthwave

Is there a specific message you want to convey with your illustrations, and how do you get that message across?

I manifest my unspoken words into art. My pain, my joy, my entire soul is scattered across every creation. There’s no message. They are visual interpretations of the things I keep within. So, it’s open for interpretation.

What motivates you to continue being creative economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

Art is life. I rarely lack the motivation to create, because I’ve never lived without music, poetry or art. It feeds my entire being (so cheesy, I know).

What paper(s) do you prefer to print on and why?

On Felix Schoeller True Fibre from Art of Print as it showcases my dark and bright work beautifully. It is affordable and the quality is impeccable.

What framing do you feel finishes your work and why?

A black synthetic frame with 2mm glass. It’s simplistic and classy.