1. You have over 15 years’ experience in the photography field. How did you get into professional wildlife, nature and landscape photography?

For me, it’s not about photography itself, but about being able to share what I’ve learnt over the years visiting the many beautiful places across South Africa. I followed my dream and it became a full-time pursuit.

2. Your photographs have received numerous awards. What differentiates your work different from other photographers’ work?

I like to think that it’s my creative passion that gives me the advantage. Through photography, I’m able to approach and present my passion for wildlife, nature and landscapes in a fresh way. I also try and capture what my heart and mind feel at the time.

The African Wildlife Photographer in Your Bag by Andrew Aveley
3. You also lead bespoke wildlife adventures through Southern Africa. Which areas are your favourite?

From a landscape point of view, Namibia wins hands down as it is a vast and magical country. With wildlife, I’m partial to areas in the Lowveld – from the Kruger National Park to Timbavati in Hoedspruit – as I really enjoy the bushveld environment. The Kruger remains one of my all-time favourite destinations. Here, you can relax and soak up every little bit of the majestic bushveld.

4. When accompanying guests on a safari experience, what are your photographic goals?

It’s simple: I want or need my guests to be able to create unique images for their portfolio and to learn to follow their passion.

5. You have a passion for education as is evident from numerous talks. This also shines through in your new book, The African Wildlife Photographer in Your Bag. Why did you decide to publish this book and what makes it unique?

I have long wanted to find a wider platform in South Africa to share my passion. Taking my years of experience and knowledge gained, I felt that a series of books that are easily read and understood be that solution. The book is uniquely laid out in a technical, educational and creative manner to give the reader a wide range of information on photography and not only wildlife photography.

6. Who is this book aimed at?

I would hope that anyone who is interested in wildlife and nature photography would consider this as a great addition to have in their camera bag. From beginners to the more advanced photographer; tere is something in this book for everyone.

7. What gear can you recommend for the avid hobbyist wildlife, nature and landscape photographer?

For wildlife, I would suggest a crop sensor body camera (like the Canon 7D MK II) and a zoom lens of at least 100-400mm. This will give you a great focal range, and a camera body with good focus speed and image quality.

For landscapes, I recommend a good all-around zoom lens of say 16-35mm on a full frame body (like the Canon 5D MK IV or 6D MK II). There are many options, but these would give you a good start.

In addition to The Wildlife Photographer in Your Bag, I’ve completed a sister book titled The African Landscape Photographer in Your Bag that will be available from mid-November 2018. Expect a comprehensive how-to on capturing African landscapes.