Whether you’re a girly girl who loves all things pink, a surfer dude taking pics on the beach in Jeffreys Bay, or the proud mom capturing memories with her three-year-old, the new Instax Mini 9 has an instant camera that’ll fit your lifestyle.

instax mini 9 range

The new colourful range has cool ice blue, chic cobalt blue, demure smokey white, cheeky lime green and flirty flamingo pink Instax cameras to choose from.

These instant cameras are the creative mind’s sidekick who wants to capture special moments instantly. The Mini 9 has a cool new selfie-mirror so you can inspect the frame before snapping the shot. The Instax Mini 9 has a 60mm Fujinon lens and an automatic flash for adapting to changing light situations. With other features like a brightness adjustment dial and an epic viewfinder, this is surely the ultimate instant camera for taking quick snaps.

Instax Mini 9 Ice Blue

Selfie Mirror

We’ve become quite good at taking selfies, but every now and then we misjudge the angle, which is why the Instax Mini 9 selfie mirror is so cool.

The cool new selfie mirror gives a helping hand for snapping better-framed photos.

Ice Ice Baby

Fujinon Lens

The Instax Mini 9 incorporates a Fujinon 60mm f/12.7 lens that offers a fixed focus range from 60 cm to infinity and a shutter speed of 1/60 sec.

For controlling the look of imagery, the aperture setting can be changed in four easy steps from f/12.7 to f/32, to suit different types of shooting conditions ranging from indoor lighting to bright sunlight. The lens also has auto exposure measurement with a manual switching system for capturing memories in an instant.

Pretty In Pink
Instax Mini 9 Flamingo Pink
Instax Mini 9 Cobalt Blue

Brightness Adjustment Dial

The Instax Mini 9 automatically determines the brightness for taking a picture and informs you of the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp. Do this by turning the brightness adjustment dial to the position mark of the lit lamp.

Setting the brightness adjustment dial to the high-key mode mark allows you to take pictures with a softer impression. The dedicated hi-key mode can also produce intentionally over-exposed frames for a distinctly creative look.

Captain Blue

Flash & Viewfinder

Don’t just use the selfie mirror. Shoot through the 0.37x real image viewfinder, which incorporates a central target spot that helps to compose images.

A built-in constant firing flash with automatic light adjustment provide additional illumination when shooting in low-light. The flash has an effective range of 0.6 – 2.7 m.

Cheeky Green
Instax Mini 9 Lime Green
Instax Mini 9 Smokey White

Film & Power Supply

The Mini 9 uses Fujifilm Instax Mini type film which prints to a size of 54 x 86 mm and has a image size of 46 x 62 mm. The Instax is powered by two AA batteries and has an auto power off after 5 minutes of no activity to save battery life.

Glamorous White
Instax Mini 9 Full range