In honor of Tretchikoff – Blue Gel Lighting Setup

16 Apr 2013




The dark skin of our african models are perfect for gelled lights!

For this setup we place our model, Boitumelo Lefatola, in front of a faux red leather backdrop with two large lights left and right of her. The lights are Profoto D1, 500watt heads in a 3′ Octobox on the left and a 3×4 Softbox on the right.


Blue Gell by Luba Nel -ck2-ck5 the-team IMG_1757 sean_lighting-icon300x300 profoto-logo-full-200px


The softbox was gelled with a standard CTB Blue Gel inside the softbox. Powered up to level 7. The thing to remember when using coloured gels is that the lower your power on the lights, the deeper your colour will be.


Having the super soft light wrap around the model could have made the image dull, just a two tone shot, but because the model was covered with the Olive Oil hairspray, we still had beautiful highlights runing on the edges of the model arms. Just slightly softened specular highlights.




Photographer: Luba V Nel

MUA: Cicilia Kaufmann

Model: Boitumelo Lefatola (PACE Models)

BTS and Lighting Design: Sean Nel



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