iBlazr 2: the most versatile wireless LED flash

The iBlazr 2 is specifically designed to be used with smartphones and tablets but you can also mount it on a hot shoe for DSLR and analogue cameras, be creative and use it to brighten up those long distance Skype video calls and even use it as a little pocket torch.

Close-up photo of a girl with long dark hair and a black velvet cap at a party

When will you use the iBlazr?

Parties and concerts where the lighting is unpredictable and mostly dark

We’ve all been at that concert or party: It’s dark and there are lots of lights flashing around. Your smartphones flash does the trick and you get the shot but it’s grainy, your eyes are red and the colour temperature is way off. The iBlazr 2 can help with that. It lets you control the colour temperature and it reduces red-eye with the help of fancy built-in technology. Use it to capture the kind of photograph you instantly want to share (and even print)!

Photograph sunsets with you in them

I’ve seen this so many times it’s not even funny. You’ve got this picture perfect sunset, you take a photo and it’s a knockout! Then you ask a friend to take a photo of you with that smashing background and it ends up one of two ways: 1) the background is perfectly lit and you’re a dark, black blob; or 2) the phone’s camera exposes for you and the background is overexposed and you can’t even see the sunset, leaving you frustrated. The iBlazr 2 gives you a third option: The background is perfectly exposed and you’re lit by the external flash leaving you with a photo that looks the way you imagined it would.

Create perfectly lit videos

Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’ll notice that videos are becoming increasingly popular. With the iBlazr’s constant light setting you can join the masses by creating epic videos, even at night. No more dodgy-looking videos – only fun memories recorded just as you remember it.

The portable iblazr 2 with diffuser

Top features include:

  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with your device’s native camera apps
  • Offers both flash mode and constant light
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Adjustable colour temperature
  • Shotlight app for additional features
  • Flash diffuser

The best thing about the iBlazr 2 is its combination of power, portability and additional features giving you more control. It’s the perfect mobile accessory that will save you from bad lighting.

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Before and after photo showing the effects of the iBlazr 2