Instagram’s new IGTV with Alex Shapiro

14 Sep 2018

The ultimate IGTV guide for beginners

IGTV is Instagram’s new vertical video application released on 20 of June. This feature allows users to upload longer videos of up to an hour; think of a YouTube channel for Instagrammers and that’s basically IGTV in a nutshell.

With this new resource comes a new set of challenges. Luckily, we have Instagrammer and talented photographer Alex Shapiro on our side to provide you with the ultimate IGTV guide. He shares the ins and outs for you to master this trendy Insta app.


About the Author:

Hi there, I’m Alex Shapiro. I’m a born and bred South African with a Joburg twang. Currently, a recovering workaholic that left 2 businesses to pursue the dream of being a filmmaker, photographer and digital content creator that travels the globe making people laugh, helping brands/people create content that brings value to their clients, sells that value and keeps everyone smiling with results. Basically, I like adding value by evoking emotion, making movies and selling stuff.

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