Text by Annabelle Lopez

Open up your camera app and switch to the front camera. Play around with different angles to see which side of your face you prefer and whether you prefer pictures with your face straight on or tilted to the side. Remember, if your face is dipped down too low, your features will appear disproportionate. A pro tip is to tilt your head up, as this will lift the chin and make your eyes look more open.

If there’s someone you know who always takes great selfies, then why not use their pictures for inspiration? Try to copy the angles they use, and see if they work for you!


Lighting is key to taking the best selfie. Before you start, scan your surroundings with the camera on your face, and pay attention to where the shadows are falling – is the light highlighting your best feature or your favourite side? Everyone wants to take the perfect selfie – whether you’re capturing your “best self”, want to document a great event, or simply think “I look good today, I’ll take a picture!” 

If you’ve struggled with achieving great selfies, then here are some tips to help you take pictures you’re proud of, and can post online without a second thought!


It might seem simple, but choosing the right angle can dramatically improve your selfie. Most people have a “best side” that they prefer to see in photos – so use this to your advantage! Try to find an even light so that unflattering shadows aren’t cast upon your face. If you’re indoors, a small ring light can provide some great supplemental light on a grey day.

Always remember to relax your shoulders and face – taking deep breaths can help with this. No one wants to look too tense in their photos!

Keeping it natural

Try to keep your pose and facial expression as natural as possible. If you fake a smile, it’s going to look forced and awkward. For best results, try to make your pose as natural as possible. 

The art of the perfect selfie is making it look like it’s your first take and not your 97th, as if it’s just a candid shot of you going about your day, and naturally looking fabulous.

Young woman posing for a selfie
Young woman taking a selfie

Apps and filters

Who doesn’t love the odd facetune here and there? Smoothing out some pores or tightening up your jawline can certainly make you feel more confident – but don’t take it too far. Making too many edits can mean that your pictures look like they’re of a completely different person, and can stop you from appreciating your natural beauty.

If your selfies bear no resemblance to what you really look like, it might be awkward when you bump into someone you know in the supermarket!


Of course, the main subject of your picture (you) is what needs to look good. However, there’s no harm in making sure your background is aesthetically pleasing, too. It makes no sense for you to look immaculate if there’s a messy bed or dirty dishes behind you. Keep your background as clean and neutral as possible – so that you are the main focus. 

The verdict

Overall, taking great selfies involves a few different things – mainly good angles, good lighting and being yourself.

It may seem tricky at first, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to having reams of perfect selfies in your camera roll in no time. Alternatively, there’s always the flash function – but use this with caution, as you don’t want to look overexposed. 

For the most sophisticated looking lighting, you could always visit a professional photography studio, like Vanity Studios, where you can pose up a storm like you’re on America’s Next Top Model.

Take flawless selfies with a Kodak ring light