Like something on Facebook, love something on Instagram or pin something on Pinterest… marking your approval is addictive! Now you can satisfy this craving on our online camera shop. We’d love to hear your recommendation on our products, whether good, bad or just right.

1. Navigate to the relevant product page

Use our search bar or menus to find the product you’d like to review.

You may review any product on our online camera shop.


2. Select to “Write a review”

This will open the review tab below. OR Scroll down and select the “Review” tab.


3. Fill in your details

Fill in your name, email address, summarise the review in a title & write it.


4. Rate the product

Give the product a rating out of 5 stars.


5. Submit your review

Select “Continue” to submit your review. You will review a pop-up notification that your review has been submitted successfully.


Your say matters

Your review can truly make a difference in someone else’s purchasing decision and what better way to inform the photographic community than with peer reviews. Go ahead and have your say!

Understanding the rating system…

1 Star = The product is poor in terms of design, price or other criteria as specified in the review.

2 Stars = The product did not meet my needs.

3 Stars = The product was ok (aka: meh), but I cannot say that it’s my favourite.

4 Stars = The product met my needs.

5 Stars = I am very happy to recommend the product. Flawless experience.