This blog and infographic will not only explain to you what blogging is, but how you too can jump on the bandwagon and blog like a pro!
A blog is a regularly updated website, written in conversational style, covering different topics. You can share photography tips and tricks, write reviews about certain products or have the awesome opportunity to get your work featured.

How to blog better Infographic

Here are our top tips for writing a blog that is sure to get published.

1.  Choose a topic that resonates with the Outdoorphoto readers.

Think of something that you would enjoy reading. Tips and tricks are always interesting. And a well-written review about a recently launched product is sure to get your blog published.

2.  Write a killer headline.

Don’t worry about being funny or too creative. Get to the point. People should know exactly what your blog is about when reading the headline.

3.  Short paragraphs.

Writing short, easy to read paragraphs ensure that people don’t get overwhelmed by a ton of content. Also, try and stick to one thought per paragraph.

4.  Write in chronological order.

This means you don’t jump mindlessly from one thought to the other. Write what’s most important first and then go on to explaining the details later on. It’s also very important that you write a good intro paragraph and end with a summary of your blog.

5.  Photos.

Remember, we are a photographic company so beautiful photographs are a must! Add your best to the blog. +- 10 photographs that are 800 pixels on the longest side.

6.  Trendy technology.

Make sure your blog is trendy and up to date technology-wise. Remember that certain topics are trending for a reason, cause people like it!

7.  Spelling and Grammar.

Making sure your blog is free of spelling and grammar mistakes (we all make them) will ensure that your blog is at the top of the publishing list. Have a friend or two read through your blog as sometimes you may read right over your mistakes.

Adhere to these 7 blog writing tips and you can be confident that your blog will get published (while also pocketing the R500 credits).
Happy writing!