A photographer’s guide to packing for the holidays

4 Dec 2017

Packing for the holidays…

For some, packing for the holidays is an adventure in itself that starts about a week earlier with your mind spinning, constantly taking note of things you shouldn’t forget. For others, it’s a nightmare and generally left until the night before you leave.

We can’t help you decide whether or not you should pack that extra pair of undies or that pretty little sequin dress, but we can help you set up a list of photography gear you shouldn’t forget to take along with you. Use this as a packing checklist so you can enjoy doing what you like best (photography of course!).

What to pack for your photo holiday

For the happy travelling photographer

Whether exploring South Africa’s natural beauty or splurging on an overseas trip, having a few of these photographic equipment and accessories in your backpack will ensure that you document your travels in style.

What to pack: The buzzing young photographer

For the buzzing young photographer

Your festive schedule is already fully booked, from lazing at the beach with friends and spending Christmas at your parents’ place to a killer New Year’s Eve you are oh-so ready for. You’ll need to pack gear that combines quality with simplicity because you know that your friends and followers want to be updated on your holiday missions at a moment’s notice.

Adventure photograph taken by Linus Nylund

For the thrill-seeking adventure photographer

When action and adventure is the name of the game you need to think lightweight, multipurpose and practical when packing your camera bag. There are tonnes of photo gear and accessories that will make your journey simpler.

What to pack: The wildlife photographer's guid to packing for the holidays. Photo Credit: Hidde Rensink

For the devoted wildlife photographer

There’s nothing like capturing a yawning lion with the African sunset beautifully framing the shot after patiently waiting for so long. But, to create something spectacular you need the right gear and forgetting to pack even one piece of equipment can make or break the shot.

Christmas lunch with family and friends

For those chilling at home these holidays

Not everyone goes away over the festive season. So if you’re hosting Christmas dinner, or you look forward to time at home with family and friends, and perhaps some quality family photos, make sure that you are fully kitted from camera to flash.

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