After an avalanche accident, while shooting a snowboard video in 1999, former freeride pro Holger Feist came up with the idea of a backpack with an integrated back protector and so, after years of perfection, Evoc protective sports packs were born! The back protector also made sense for mountain biking and hiking. It is really all about ergonomics – does your bag allow you to keep on doing what you love whilst protecting your gear and back? If it is an Evoc, then it certainly does.


Go Travelling

Evoc camera backpacks make professional sports photography easy. The dedicated compartments (and pockets!) with adjustable padding allows you to organise your gear for easy access. In addition to the back support, these backpacks are designed with comfort in mind from extremely sturdy yet flexible Airo Flex material to Neutralite Systems that allow you to carry heavy loads without feeling fatigued. The well-padded shoulder straps with wide neck cut-out help keep the backpack in place at all times, preventing it from slipping even during action-loaded manoeuvers. At the same time, useful gaps and aeration channels ensure optimal ventilation across the entire back. In a nutshell, the bag absorbs and displaces weight neutrally, keeping you fresh for longer.

And when we say Go Travel, we really mean it. Safely transport your GoPro action camera in the Evoc 3 L Action Camera Pack. Come rain or shine, this waterproof camera bag keeps your action / adventure camera gear safe. With padded partitioning and extra mesh compartments, you’ll have plenty of space to store extra cables, SD cards, your phone, GPS, or even a map. It is up to you. PS: This bag makes the perfect inlay for sports backpacks as it fits into all Evoc backpacks!


Go Cycling

When embarking on long journeys, carrying comfort is a must. Evoc backpacks have many interior and exterior features that qualify them as one step above the rest., like the Evoc 26 L Camera Backpack. Made (and priced) for both amateur and professional sports photographers and videographers, we can write lofty paragraphs about it, but the highlights below speak for themselves…


  • Interchangeable padded partitionings & side compartment for 2 L hydration system
  • Easily accessible avalanche compartment with an emergency plan
  • Separate extra compartment with easy access from the front and back
  • Padded 17” notebook pocket
  • Hip belt pocket
  • Fastening straps for a body with a lens
  • Transparent, durable compartment for filters
  • Compartment for CF & SD cards
  • Mesh compartment for cleaning cloths, lens caps and more
  • A handy attachment system for a snowboard, skis, or a tripod

Comfort, access and safety

  • Adjustable, well-padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable (90-130 cm) padded, removable, extra-wide hip belt
  • Heavy-duty handle that can carry the load
  • Reinforced back section with ventilation channels
  • Wide opening on the front and back for easy camera access
  • Reinforced base with non-slip rubber feet

*Note that you can also add on an integrated, detachable rain cover or lockable, easy-to-use T-zipperpullers.

The Evoc 26 L Camera Pack is available in ruby and black.

The Evoc 35 L Camera Pack is Outdoorphoto photography consultant, Gunther Swart’s favourite backpack: “Best value for money in my opinion!” See what Gunther managed to fit into the bag…

Go Hiking

Travelling has never before been so exhilarating! Don’t let the hassle that comes with poor backpack decisions lessen these experiences. The Evoc Photop 16 and 22 L Slate Heather Backpacks are each fitted with a 3 litre hydration system, ideal for hiking whether you are climbing Table Mountain or the Himalayas. They also feature photo block systems for optimal protection…

What are photo block systems? They are inserts for ordinary bags to ensure your gear is secure; quite handy if you have a sentimental travel bag that doesn’t leave your side. But, if you are keen to equip yourself with Evoc bags, camera block inserts can act as a separate bag thanks to the attachments rings which fasten easily to the Evoc Camera Shoulder Strap Pro.



Keep calm and carry on with the Evoc camera shoulder strap pro. The shoulder strap is a comfortable, padded carrying strap made with high-quality materials for your peace-of-mind. The fastening straps on the end of each side are 10 mm wide and make use of aluminium carabiners. You can use this shoulder strap with Evoc camera blocks or your DSLR camera – the overall length of the strap is 80-130 cm so you can adjust the length to what suits you best. And when you’ve reached the summit, quench your first with a cool sip from your Evoc hydration bladder. This trusty companion slides into many Evoc bags. It is taste-neural, ensuring nothing spoils the moment and has a lockable mouthpiece and wide slide opening for easy refill.

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