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Ralph Pollack, the mastermind behind GimPro, spent valuable time in the design and project management industries, but longed for something more. His passion and talent for creating finally became a reality when he started conceptualising and creating the GimPro brand. Today, GimPro offers powerful and reliable specialised photographic equipment. Manufactured in Pretoria, it is here where endless hours were and still are spent creating high-quality products to help ensure photographers have a reliable product for a comfortable wildlife photography experience.

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GimPro Gimbal Head

The Gimbal Head from GimPro is both a sidekick and a conventional Gimbal Head as it keeps the weight of your camera and lens centralised when you’re shooting with a very large and heavy telephoto lens.

Strong and durable are two words to describe GimPro; made from the best machine-grade aluminium and designed to keep your gear stable while you wait for that perfectly timed shot of an eagle hurling itself through the sky. The gimbal head is assembled using 13 hand-manufactured parts made with excellent precision; only the best for their customers.

A 150mm lens plate is included with the gimbal head and this setup is much safer and easier to use than an ordinary ball head and will provide improved performance for smooth tilting and panning. The Gimbal Head is easy to disassemble for travelling and equipped with quick and easy height adjustment for when you have to use it again at your next stop.

The Gimbal Head is maintenance-free which means no lubrication is needed and six precision no-maintenance ball bearings allow for smooth tilt and panning. All the components are made of high-grade stainless steel and the individual parts are mechanically fixed together with no welding done on any part of the unit which means that there are no weak spots.

GimPro Hide Clamp

When going on a safari you will need your heavy gear and that means extra support. Don’t stress and wonder how you’re going to make it through the trip, because GimPro already thought of a solution and it is called the GimPro Hide Clamp. This high-quality clamp manufactured from strong anodised aluminium that gives you solid and secure stability where you need it most. You can easily attach your gear to a safari hide and rest assured that your gear will be stable and secure in its position for the duration of your journey.

GimPro Pipe Clamp

The different GimPro tools need to be put together with something strong and durable and this is where the Pipe Clamp comes in. The GimPro Pipe Clamp has a universal design with a standard fitting of 3/8’ for all your attachments. The clamp allows you to take your gear while it is attached to a Swivel Arm or Gimbal Head and attach the setup to a game viewer.

The clamp fits all pipes between 25cm and 55cm and it quickly wraps around for maximum clamp force. It can be used easily on both vertical and horizontal structures and you can even use it with or on your other accessories.

GimPro Swivel Arm

This GimPro Swivel Arm is another tool for stabilisation when it comes to protecting your gear and getting great images while on safari. The swivel arm takes a single-pivot point and transforms it into a multi-angle that’s designed to work with the Hide Clamp and Pipe Clamp.

The pivot is built to run on three sets of carefully sealed roller ball bearings and is machined from solid aluminium for added strength. GimPro also incorporates a quick release coupling into the system to attach the Gimbal onto the arm so it has an easily adjustable swing radius.

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