Gitzo tripod standing in river with camera attached

Gitzo’s ultimate goal is to produce the best support systems for cameras by using the most straightforward designs and solutions. The traditional quality with which Gitzo produces their products puts them amongst some of the photography world’s most sought-after accessories and tripod support systems.

By using space-age materials like high strength yet lightweight aluminium alloy and carbon fibre, their products manifest stability and efficiency.

With unique innovations such as being the first brand to use carbon and basalt fibre to make tripods, and magnesium to make heads, and a design policy of “no gimmicks and no compromise on quality”, Gitzo products are in a class of their own.

Gitzo Ball Heads

Gitzo Series 1 Aluminium Centre Quick-Release Ball Head

Gitzo series 1 ball head

The Series 1 Gitzo Aluminium Centre Quick-Release Ball Head is an Arca-type compatible head. The ball head weighs a mere 390 g, making it a perfect companion for tripods such as the Traveller Series or the Gitzo Series 2 Carbon 6-Section Traveler Monopod.

Thanks to the tungsten coating, the ball movement is smooth and minimises stick-slip. Also, the bubble level helps you position images straight on the horizon. This is a perfectly balanced and versatile tripod head, engineered to ensure the ultimate smoothness and precision of movement and secure locking.

Gitzo Series 3 Aluminium Centre Quick-Release Ball Head

Gitzo series 3 ball head

The Gitzo S3 Aluminium Centre Ball Head is a larger size professional tripod ball head and is ideal for use with Series 2 and 3 Mountaineer Tripods. This ball head safely holds an impressive 18 kg load, ensuring strong and comfortable use with heavier equipment.

The Series 3 Ball Head is great for panning thanks to its screw-knob and bubble level that keeps the horizon straight. Packed with rich features like a friction control knob designed for precise adjustment, this ball head will definitely not disappoint.

gitzo field image 1

Systematic Tripods

Gitzo Series 3 Carbon Fibre 6X 4-Section Systematic Tripod (Extra Long)

Gitzo series 3 systematic tripod

Stable, versatile and ergonomic, this is Gitzo’s top-of-the-range tripod family and specifically here the Gitzo Series 3 Carbon Fibre 6X 4-Section Systematic Tripod featuring an extra-long length for long lenses and heavy cameras.

This tripod is not just one of the strongest and most durable from the Gitzo range, but it is also extremely adaptive. With a half-ball adaptor, easy-sliding centre column, strong carbon tubes and other excellent features, this systematic tripod with its new ultra-stable feet will keep your gear exactly where you want it for capturing that perfect shot.

Gitzo Series 5 Carbon Fibre 6X 4-Section Systematic Tripod (Long)

series 5 systematic tripod

The Gitzo Series 5 Carbon Fibre 6X 4-Section Systematic Tripod is a powerful professional carbon fibre tripod that is designed to support long lenses and heavy cameras. Series 5 tripods are the most rigid and represent all that is synonymous with strength and stability.

Reliable like few other, this model features Gitzo’s G-Lock Ultra twist-locks system that solidly connect the leg sections and protect them from dirt damage. This is a very popular choice with exacting professionals looking for a reliable and stable supportable to carry your heavy equipment and long lenses.

gitzo field image 2

Traveler Tripods

Gitzo Series 1 Carbon Fibre 4-Section Traveler Tripod

series 1 traveler tripod

The Gitzo Series 1 Carbon Fibre 4-Section Traveler Tripod offers great stability for your gear while protecting it against damage from scratching or falling. The tripod folds down to a length of just 43 cm and then extends all the way to 153 cm while holding 10 kg worth of gear.

Being a traveller tripod, the Series 1 has a pared-down version of the G-lock designed specifically for this tripod to accommodate it’s over all smaller size. The tripod comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying so all your journeys will be extra comfortable and relaxing.

Gitzo Series 2 Carbon Fibre 4-Section Traveler Tripod

series 2 traveling tripod

The Gitzo Series 2 Carbon Fibre 4-Section Traveler Tripod extends up to 154 cm high and can hold up to 11 kg worth of gear, which comes in handy if you are into landscape photography.

This tripod has the largest tube diameters in the Traveler range and features Carbon eXact legs for superior strength and stiffness. Another practical aspect of this Gitzo tripod is its interchangeable rubber feet that can easily be replaced with spikes or larger feet for more rugged areas. This tripod is perfect for photographers who need the highest stability on the move.

gitzo field image 3