GoPro HERO performs right out of the box. It’s an easy-to-use camera that can handle life’s punches, quite literally! That’s what makes it such a favourite for shooting everyday adventures. Whether you need it to capture sleek footage of your newest MTB trail or a family gathering for Father’s Day, it’s a truly versatile companion.

Adding a mod makes the HERO8/9 Black cameras even more versatile. Each mod has a different purpose – better sound, better light or better wide-angle views. So, depending on what features you’d like to enhance, adding a mod to your setup can be a real bonus.

Media Mod for broadcast-quality sound

The HERO9 Black and HERO8 Black each have different Media Mods, but that’s only because these cameras aren’t the same size and the mod fits over the camera like a snug housing.

Each has built-in shotgun mics on the front and back. Also on the back, it has a 3.5mm audio input for external microphones, a USB-C connection for charging, and a micro HDMI port for playback onto external screens. To easily hold onto the setup, slide the Media Mod into the separately sold GoPro Shorty.

Once the camera is powered on, the camera uses the front shotgun mic by default. You can change it to back or stereo in your GoPro settings.

  • Front mic: For vlogging and interviews where the subjects are in front of the screen.
  • Back mic: For narrated action and travel videos where the party is in the front and the audio in the back.
  • Stereo mic: Great for events where you need both the front and back mics to pick up sound. Note that the stereo option does not reduce wind and ambient noise.

Thanks to two cold shoe mounts (one on the top and another on the side), you can attach more GoPro Mods and accessories like the tiny RODE VideoMicro on-camera mic. Once these are plugged in, go to Settings and select your desired input/output connections.

  • GoPro Media Mod for Hero9 Black
  • GoPro Media Mod for Hero9 Black

The Media Mod amplifies sound for HERO8/9 Black users.

Note that when you put on the Media Mod, you have to take off the battery door, which means that it’s no longer waterproof.

Light Mod for well-lit footage

The Light Mod works with both HERO8 and 9 Media Mods – attach it to the top or side of the Media Mod.

The Light Mod has a 5000K daylight colour temperature and 90+ CRI that illuminates your subject with wide, smooth and even light while an included diffuser softens the light. It has four levels of brightness each with its own possibilities and, of course, battery runtime:

The four levels of brightness are:

  • Level 1: Use 20 lumens for 6 hours.
  • Level 2: Use 60 lumens for 2 hours.
  • Level 3: Use 125 lumens for 1 hour (120 lux at 1 metre).
  • Overdrive Mode: 200 lumens for up to 30 seconds (200 lux at 1 metre).

In addition to the diffuser, the Light Mod includes a two-finger adaptor (for use on other off-shoe mounts) and a USB-C cable. 

Note that the Light Mod is waterproof when used separately from the Media Mod.

  • GoPro Light Mod for Hero8/9 Black
  • GoPro Light Mod for Hero8/9 Black

The Light Mod attaches to the top or side of the HERO8/9 Black.

Max Lens Mod for wider views

You don’t need the Media Mod to use the Max Lens Mod. 

The Max Lens Mod attaches to the front of the HERO9 Black to instantly upgrade your camera with an ultra-wide 155º SuperView – perfect for fitting more of the environment in your shots! Thanks to the Horizon Lock feature, it also allows for full 360º horizon levelling, which means that you can mount your camera off-centre or rotate it 360º and the footage will always be level and steady. 

Max HyperSmooth keeps your footage steady up to 2.7K60, and the Max Lens Mod introduces TimeWarp for the smoothest TimeWarp videos yet.

The Max Lens Mod requires no tools to install or remove – it’s that easy! Once installed, go to your Settings and select to turn it on.

It comes with a protective cap and cleaning cloth, and is waterproof to 5 metres.

  • GoPro Max Lens Mod for Hero9 Black
  • GoPro Max Lens Mod for Hero9 Black

Max Lens Mod is an ultra-wide 155˚ FOV digital lens for HERO9 Black.

Mods mean more

GoPro Mods are very practical – they enhance sound, light and field of view. But, what they’re better at is empowering you to explore new creative avenues. Get a GoPro then add accessories as you grow into new hobbies.

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