The new Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is the more sophisticated version of the Instax Mini 8.

Sporting a more modern look with a slim and solid build, these new Instax Mini 70’s come in a variety of 6 bold colours:

They all have a slight pearl finish for that added touch of sophistication.

Display of the bright and beautifully colourful range of Fuji Instax Mini 70 Polaroid cameras

Instax Mini 70 – New Features:

The Instax Mini 70 boasts with a new small built-in mirror in the front panel of the camera allowing you to take correctly composed selfies with ease while the Selfie-Focus Mode ensures your self-portraits are correctly exposed and in focus.

The automatic exposure control sees to it that your image always looks good when it comes to the quality of the light, you also have the option to choose the Self-Timer setting that allows you to take up to 2 photos after one another so that you and your friend both get that special shot.

The flash is effective for up to about 2.7 meters and at the back of the camera there is a window which indicates whether or not there is any film left in the camera.

The Instax Mini 70 has 5 shooting modes:

1) Auto Mode – 60cm to 3meters of range of focus.

2) Macro Mode – 30cm to 60cm of range of focus.

3) Landscape Mode – 3meters to infinity range of focus.

4) High-Key Mode – 30cm to 60cm of range of focus and slightly over exposes creating a washed-out, white image.

5) Force Flash Mode – That means the flash will fire no matter what the exposure which is ideal for bright sunny days when you need a bit of fill-in light.

Fujifilm Instax Accessories and Film:

  • Instax Albums – to keep your memories safe.
  • Instax Mini Instant Film , available in a 10 and 20 pack (make sure to get the mini and not the wide)
Moonlight White Instax Mini 70
Stardust Gold Instax Mini 70
Midnight Black Instax Mini 70
Canary Yellow Instax Mini 70
Island Blue Instax Mini 70
Passion Red Instax Mini 70

Video – Fujifilm Instax 70: