Are you looking for a premium screen protector for your camera that is easy to apply, leaves no bubbles and protects the screen from getting scratched? Expert Shield screen protectors are the solution and a great, reliable alternative to the hard plastic screen protectors that come included with cameras.

Easy to apply & remove

Expert Shield screen protectors are easy to apply. The packaging comes with clear and simple instructions on applying it directly to your device’s screen. Included are screen protectors for both the rear and top information screens, and a cleaning cloth to remove any dust and fingerprints before application.

While careful application shouldn’t result in any air bubbles, there is ample opportunity with Expert Shield during application to flatten the protector and edge any air bubbles out. This is because the protector clings to the screen instead of sticking to it, and also allows you to remove the protector if you wish without leaving any residue.

Accurate sizes

Expert Shield screen protectors are cut to fit your specific device carefully. This provides solid coverage and prevents peeling on the edges, ensuring reliable protection from the day of application. Outdoorphoto stocks 24 Expert Shield screen protectors of different sizes so you can find the perfect match for your camera.

Expert Shield camera screen protectors

Available in various sizes to fit your camera screen perfectly.

Expert Shield camera screen protectors

The application instructions are easy to follow.

Ultra-high transparency

After application, you may even forget that the screen protector’s there. It has a glass-like texture with a smooth, crisp surface that stays looking good as new even after years of putting it on. It stays looking great and doesn’t show wear and tear.

The screen protector is also crystal clear, which means that it won’t affect the brightness of your screen so you can carry on shooting as usual.

Value for money

With Expert Shield screen protectors you’ll get the best guarantee around – no scratches, no bubbles, no hassle, for the lifetime of your device. They are affordable investments for protecting a camera screen from any accidental damage and will keep it looking good as new, ensuring a higher resell value in the second-hand market. Each Expert Shield screen protector is also covered by a lifetime warranty, so if it doesn’t fit or work, you can send it back for a replacement.