“The bridal couple is just about to cut the cake and suddenly your batteries die. Digital cameras really do drain battery life quite fast especially with flash photography, which is why you have spare rechargeable Powerex camera batteries in your kit bag. These batteries save the day and you continue your shoot like any professional photographer would.”

Powerex rechargeable batteries are suitable for high-drain devices such as digital cameras and their flashes. So, if you’re shooting with on- or off-camera flash, investing in a few pairs of rechargeable batteries can be a lifesaver. But, why not go one step further and buy precharged rechargeable batteries? Enjoy instant gratification with precharged batteries – they are convenient, practical and trouble-free.

Why are precharged batteries so exciting?

With flash photography, recycle time is important – even more so depending on what you shoot – but for the lifestyle photographer, 1.2 V precharged Powerex batteries like the AA 2600 mAh and the AAA 1000 mAh have a range of benefits that justify slightly slower voltage output. That said, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries gradually drop from 1.5 V to 1.2 V and even 1 V, whereas NiMH batteries stay at out about 80% for most of their discharge cycle, so investing in rechargeables is really a no-brainer and here is why:

  • Saves you money: You won’t need to buy endless supplies of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries as Powerex batteries are rechargeable up to hundreds of times. You are more likely to lose them before they lose their charging capacity.
  • Saves you time: Unlike with AA 2700 mAh, AA 2600 mAh batteries are precharged and ready to use out-of-package.

Did you know that NiMH batteries self-discharge about 1% per day? So, if used in a low energy or standby device, the battery will only last about 90 days before requiring a recharge. But, Powerex rechargeables are different as they provide you with:

  • Peace of mind: Even after 1 year of storage, these batteries will retain 85% of their capacity.

These precharged rechargeable batteries are available in AA or AAA NiMH and are compatible with NiMH battery chargers and any device that accepts rechargeable NiMH batteries like wireless devices or gadgets.


Powerex precharged AA 2600 mAh batteries retain up to 85% of charge after 1 year of storage.


Powerex precharged AA 2600 mAh batteries are rechargeable up to hundreds of times.


Powerex 2600 vs 2700 mAh

The main difference between the 2600 and 2700 is that the Powerex 2600 comes precharged, which means that it is virtually maintenance free, whereas the Powered 2700 has extra capacity. However, if you let the Powerex 2700 sit around for four days, the battery will self-discharge to less than 2600mAh, so it would be less than the capacity of the precharged 2600.

Powerex batteries for sale online at Outdoorphoto
Powerex batteries for sale online at Outdoorphoto

Charge your batteries with smart Maha Powerex battery chargers. These clever microprocessors charge your batteries to full capacity with just the right amount ensuring no over- or undercharging.

Selected models like the Powerex MH-C9000, help you stay updated on your batteries’ charging progress with large backlit LCD screens that display battery capacity, voltage, current and elapsed time. Better yet, it lets you charge each battery individually, so if you get home after a shoot to find all your batteries lying at the bottom of the bag, don’t worry as – this 4-cell smart charger knows what is best for each battery, whether it is fully charging, or discharging a battery before recharging it to preserve its capacity.

In a nutshell, the MH-C9000 charger-analyser has:

  • 4 independent slots for AA and AAA NiMH batteries
  • A backlit LCD display
  • 5 modes of operation
  • 19 selectable charging current from 0.2 A to 2.0 A
  • 10 selectable discharging current from 0.1 A to 1.0 A

Did you know that when a battery is nearly drained, it is better to discharge before recharging the battery as it prolongs battery life? But why? If you repeatedly partially discharge a battery to the same level before recharging it, it will “remember” the discharge level and then always fail at that point during use, which means that you will never be able to charge the battery to full capacity again.

The 8-cell charger is faster and even more efficient

When you need to charge multiple batteries fast (1 hour to be exact), the 8-cell charger works wonders. It allows you to mix AA / AAA NiMH batteries in one charger, making charging your batteries even less tedious.

Unlike the 4-cell charger-analyser, the 8-cell charger does not analyse individual battery capacity, but it does have two selectable charging modes for your convenience:

  1. Soft charge for highest battery life
  2. Rapid charge for shortest charge time

And, if you’re wondering how to charge your camera battery from the convenience of your car, look no further than the Maha 12V car adapter for Powerex C9000 charger.

Psssst! Are you struggling with loose batteries? Organise your batteries in Powerex 4-cell and 8-cell battery holders.