When taking videos of moving subjects, unwanted jerks often take away from the splendour of the moment. If your goal is to take smooth, steady videos, then adding a gimbal to your setup is key. With built-in motors, a gimbal picks up on these shaky movements and smooth them out as you move. This means that you can follow subjects at a quick pace without worrying about the quality of your footage.

Sure, you can use a tripod for more stable footage, but it does not offer the same manoeuvrability as a motorised gimbal. Made for digital cameras, a gimbal is the best way to keep your camera steady without a tripod. A handheld gimbal is lightweight enough for shooting for extended periods of time. It is also easy to handle, which means that you can effortlessly change the direction of the camera whether it is to pan, tilt or roll. The built-in computer knows which movements are intentional.

Although a gimbal cannot replace professional video gear such as dollies, jibs and sliders, don’t waste your time setting up heavy gear if you don’t need to. Gimbals are made to take with you wherever you go. Simply, take them out of your bag, set up and get shooting in no time. 

As with most gimbals on the market, the Weebill-S is a 3-axis handheld gimbal that quickly responds to fast movement while keeping your shots steady. Simply mount your digital camera combo onto the handheld gimbal and get moving.

Lightweight, balanced handling

The gimbal weighs only 926 g, making it easy to operate and an intelligent Auto-Tune automatically recognises and adapts to the weight of your camera to balance it accordingly.

Weebill-S handheld gimbal stabiliser in length

 Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 14 cm

Weebill-S handheld gimbal stabiliser in underslung mode

Mini tripod functioning as an overhead handle.

Easily switches to underslung mode

Thanks to a rear handle, the Weebill-S easily switches to underslung mode. The included mini tripod attaches to the rear handle to function as an overhead handle. You can also use the mini tripod as a stand of an extension handle. Other modes include:

  • Full-Range POV Mode allows 360° synchronous movement on all three axes, which ensures that the camera remains locked in position.
  • Vortex Mode lets you create 360° barrel shots.
  • Go Mode lets you operate at maximum follow speed for extreme action and sports.
  • PF Mode lets you pan the camera as you turn the gimbal sideways.
  • F Mode lets your camera follow the movement of the gimbal handle.
  • L Mode lets you keep your subject in focus when mimicking dolly or jib movements.

Instant gimbal settings

The Weebill-S lets you adjust various parameters like motor strength, follow speed, smoothness and deadband directly through the dial on the handle without having to enter the ZY App.

  • Adjust the motor strength to better support devices of different weights.
  • Adjust the speed of each axis to better adapt to different shooting scenes.
  • Change the smoothness value to customise your shooting style.
  • Use the deadband setting to customise your active motion range to avoid unintended movements.

Companion ZY Play App

The Zhiyun-Tech ZY Play app, compatible with iOS and Android, has been upgraded to work with the Image Transmission Module to allow more efficient control of the gimbal.

  • The SmartFollow 2.0 feature works with the module to allow precision object tracking directly from the app.
  • The Sync Motion tool enables real-time monitoring and synchronous motion control. There are also upgrades to standard features, including ViaTouch 2.0, which allows you to control various functions and settings of your camera and gimbal directly from your smartphone screen. These include zoom and focus, where supported, as well as follow speed, ISO, aperture and more.
  • Other features in the ZY Play app include creative capture tools such as panorama, time-lapse, motion-lapse and long-exposure time-lapse.

Included Accessories

The Weebill-S comes with an Arca Swiss dual-layer QR plate and a storage case. The battery runtime of the Weebill-S is 14 hours.

Optional Accessory

The Weebill-S provides support for the optional TransMount Image Transmission accessory that lets you mount under the QR plate of the Weebill-s for wireless streaming of up to 180p30 resolution over distances up to 100m. Using the corresponding receiver modules, you can sync up to three devices, including phones, tablets and select professional monitors.

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