Rosanna Warren for EvaStoryEvaStory is about women. Women that face incredible hardships but choose to face them, rather than disappear under the weight of  their condition. That choose to live every single day, with its sorrows and happy moment, rather than give up and hide, while waiting for what might come.

EvaStory is about healing, healing that comes form embracing the feminine spirit, the purpose of the feminine heart – the mission and importance that makes a woman so irreplaceable.

EvaStory is for raising emotional, financial and physical support for various individuals and organizations that are working with women, for women that are undergoing treatments or just need a support base.

Without going into too much detail, I started targeting specific woman that has influenced my life and the lives of the people around them, and I started on working out how I want to portray them. This is the story of Rosanna Warren:

AGE: 50

OCCUPATION: owner of a hairdressing business

MUA: Desiree de Goede

LOCATION Riverside Castle

Special thank-you to Olaf du Randt for lending the sword for the day

The Biblical legend of Judith talks about an ordinary woman living in extra-ordinary circumstances.
When her fellow countrymen fail to take action against foreign invaders, she takes the matter into her own hands – refusing to give up and be enslaved – and beheads the foreign general. Despite the violent record, all the masterpieces depicting Judith show her as a woman of incredible femininity, beauty & courage. Desperate times call for courageous spirit and Rosanna is facing her challenges with the same feminine strength, standing on the foundations of her faith and her family’s love.

Once I had the idea of how we wanted to portray her, we needed a location. Years of wedding photography jumped to the rescue, and we had the perfect location in mind. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it again (The property was sold and the name changed) but as luck would have it, while driving up and down a more or less deserted road, we came accross a new venue under construction, Riverside Castle.

It ended up being even more perfect than the original location, and we immediately booked a date.

On the actual day of shooting, everything went more or less smoothly. As you can see in the video, the location is very open, and lighting it was a bit of a mission. We needed to shoot in the afternoon in an effort to get some detail through the back windows, instead of a backlight, but this meant that natural light was quickly fading.

We ended rigging up 4x 800watt studio strobes to simulate the more or less natural flow of light in the chapel, and used golden reflectors to bounce the last remaining sunlight from the setting sun back onto the model, from a second story balcony.

Another assistant was tasked to get some “wind” going. The best results were actually obtained with a large reflector being waved at the model from a low level.The rest is just getting the timing right.

The final image was processed from RAW to 16bit TIFF files for editing in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and during this process, textures were added and colour corrections made, as well asa little bit more sky detail added. Overall I am very happy with the result!

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By: Luba Nel
Luba V Nel



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