Claudine van der Walt has a flair for photographing children. We take a look at her work and share a few tips for beautifully capturing the little busybodies.

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The talented Elke Vogelsang shares insightful tips and tricks for bringing out the best in your dog, and a creative slant on capturing their personalities.

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How to succeed at commercial photography – an interview with Smith&Daniels

Smith&Daniels do commercial photography in their stride, but how do they position themselves to attract big clients like Salomon SA? We find out.

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7 South African photographers you need to follow on Instagram

We share some of our favourite South African photographers you need to follow on Instagram in 2017.

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Formatt-Hitech Firecrest ND filters for long-exposure photos

Formatt-Hitech filters let you control the amount of light that enters your camera to get a perfectly exposed shot.

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Zoom in on what Fujifilm cameras have to offer

Fujifilm combines fun, interesting and advanced features into stylish cameras for everyone to enjoy.

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An interview with street photographer Valérie Jardin

Be whisked away to new, breathtaking places. We find out more about Valérie Jardin’s approach to street photography.

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