Turn your iPhone into a DSLR with a Pictar  Camera Grip. This awesome iPhone camera accessory makes your phone feel like a camera and shoots like one too. It lets you take control over your iPhone’s camera and unleash its potential.

The comfortable and safe grip lets you shoot one-handed, while the clever design lets you connect it to a tripod for sharper photos and even has an inbuilt flash for low-light situations (note that Pictar’s App doesn’t support hand-held flash units). If you’ve wanted to start out with photography, this will definitely ease you into it as smartphone cameras, these days, rival some entry-level DSLRs.

The 7 preset modes allow you to adjust to any photographic situation be it taking a portrait of your loved on or shooting a video of your friends being silly. Even advanced photographers will feel right at home with a smart wheel that lets you choose between 3 advanced modes, namely shutter or ISO priority, or manual.


Unleash Your Phone’s Potential

Unleash the power of you iPhone’s camera! Pictar is a powerful iPhone camera-grip that connects easily to most iPhone models and gives users unprecedented control over the iPhone’s camera through a user-friendly app. Pictar is controlled by no fewer than five external buttons and includes a patented, revolutionary interface which uses sound frequencies to activate the camera, which saves battery power compared to the standard Bluetooth connection. Pictar was born to address mobile photographers of all levels – from social recorders to professionals – who wish to get more from their iPhone camera and miss that good old feeling of firmly holding and easily controlling a traditional camera.

Things Pictar Can Do That Stand-Alone iPhone Can’t:

  • Manual focus
  • Manual control of ISO and shutter speed
  • Split focus and exposure points
  • Histogram
  • Level
  • Option for Tiff files
  • Physical buttons and wheel
  • Tripod mount
  • One handed grasp

Ergonomic Body for a Comfortable Grip

The Pictar is inspired by classic cameras. It allows a firm grip and instant access to all five external controls – all this with just one hand. The comfortable grip prevents the phone from slipping out of your hand and falling, significantly improves the sharpness of images and allows you to shoot with one hand – vertically or horizontally – and even taking a picture with gloves. Pictar has a connecting hook for a strap and is supplied with a designated wrist strap. It also comes with a padded carrying case with a metal carabiner for secure attachment to a bag or belt loop. With advanced photographers in mind, the bottom of the Pictar offers a ¼” 20 standard connection for a tripod. It has a “cold shoe” on top for connecting external lighting.


Pictar Offers 5 External Control Buttons

  1. Multi-state shutter button: Electronically calibrated to provide maximum sensitivity, just like a high-end camera. It offers “half press” mode to lock focus and exposure for easy tracking of a moving object or to create the desired composition, as well as “full press” for immediate shutter release.
  2. Zoom ring: Located right under the index finger, making it easy for the user to activate it with only one hand. Rotate left or right activates the zoom. Can also be programmed and changed by the user to suit specific needs.
  3. Selfie button: Clicking the zoom ring will switch between the iPhone’s two cameras – front and back – for easy “selfie” shots. Can also be programmed and changed by the user to suit specific needs.
  4. Exposure compensation wheel: Controls the amount of light entering the camera, which helps the user to determine the exact level of exposure
    without complex menus.
  5. Smart wheel: A programmable button that allows users to control a variety of functions. In default mode, it changes the camera’s 10 pre-set modes: manual, sport, landscape, portrait and more. This is a very useful tool for the typical user. Advanced photographers can choose to program it to control other functions, such as manual, shutter priority, and more.