Meeting Daniel

Daniel Navarro’s photographic work can be described as captivating and seductive. His Instagram feed is perfectly balanced and his photographic style is distinctively vibrant; to think that he has his honours degree in Quantity Surveying makes us wonder what else this young talented photographer has up his sleeve.

Besides having a very technical degree and a keen eye for photography he’s also the creative director of SMCreative, a social media management company that offers social media and design services that assist companies with consistent growth through advertisement and marketing.

Daniel Navarro Model photoshoot on beach

© Daniel Navarro

Do you use your Instagram as your portfolio or does it actually bring in business?

It brings in business. I get to do what I really love and promote myself and my business. And with photographing models and food while doing social media management for various restaurants, I get to continue doing everything I enjoy.

© Daniel Navarro

Your Instagram composition is on point. Do you have any advice for other Instagrammers on how to “get the look”?

Learn how to use your camera and Adobe Lightroom. I think to have a great feed you definitely need a theme. It doesn’t have to be like mine. It can be a theme relating to one colour, for instance, an all-white theme with splashes of colour here and there. Also, every photo should be clearly thought out and executed creatively.

How do you feel about the talk that Instagram might change its layout to 4 images per row?

At first, I was annoyed as all my hard work would “go to waste”. Eventually, I came up with a plan of how I can delete certain photos and still keep my theme! But you’ll have to wait and see what I do if it comes to that point.

Girl on beach by Daniel Navarro

© Daniel Navarro

A quick ten with Daniel:

1. City Living or Country Side?


2. Whiskey or Wine?


3. Pop or Rock?


4. Mc Donalds or Burger King?

Burger King

5. Books or Movies?


6. Text or Phone call?

Phone call

7. Fixed or Zoom?


8. Natural light or Flash?

Natural light

9. Black and white or Colour?


10. Mac or Microsoft?


Daniel’s suggestions for phone editing:

  • VideoSpeed (adjust video speeds)
  • ReverseVid (Reverse videos)
  • Lightroom CC (quick edits on your phone with RAW images)
  • Videoleap (great and quick video editing on your phone)
  • Repost (repost Instagram photos)
  • Spark post (fun and exciting ways to make Instagram stories)
  • Continual (cuts videos into 15-second clips for Instagram stories)
  • Instagrid Pro (cut a photo into three blocks to post one row on your feed as one photo)
Daniel Navarro Photography

© Daniel Navarro