First love letter

Print your first love letter on a canvas. It is sweet and sentimental and serves as a reminder of the perfect moment to the perfect match.

First love letter

Pandora canvas in a Kiaat coloured floater frame

Children’s artwork

Children’s artwork can (as parents know) be very special – from home-made macaroni wheels to potato stencils – so why not take a photo of these and print it on canvas? It will boost their little artistic souls and liven up any room!

Kids Art

Pandora canvas in a black floater frame

Handwritten recipe from a special person

Is there a special recipe that your mother use to make you as a child? Print it and hang it up in your kitchen where it can remind you of the recipes (and people) you cherish most.

Kitchen recipe

Pandora canvas stretched over an Obeche 35mm stretcher

A wedding guestbook

Instead of the traditional guestbook, wedding couples are opting for signed canvasses which they can hang up in their homes to remember everyone with whom they shared their special day. You can do this for any special occasions too. How fun?!

Wedding guestbook

Pandora canvas stretched over a 35mm Obeche stretcher

Email us your ideas and images to print and stretch today.