Laresa Perlman is a full-time, self-taught nature art photographer and flow artist. In 1970, she was born in Cape Town and now resides on Eden Farm, which is on the foot of the Langeberg Mountains in Montagu. She studied business management at Cape Technikon and worked in marketing, digital security and commercial photography for many years. After 2018, she sold her guest farm and started focusing mainly on nature art photography and sacred geometric work.

Laresa Perlman at work
Laresa Perlman working

Artistic inspiration

Her work is inspired by the geometry and symbolism found in Mother Nature. Laresa enjoys blurring the lines between painting, photography, digital art, and self-designed gadgets to enable her to produce unique works of art. She uses flowers, plants and insects in her photographic, digital and geometric creations; and geometry, patterns and shapes to create her acrylic, watercolour and ink works.

Laresa Perlman elements
Laresa Perlman elements 1

“I love using all types of paint, ink, watercolours, oils and mediums. I am continually experimenting with media and paint to create unique artworks. I am mostly covered in paint and sometimes use the finest of brushes to finish off my pieces. I usually have dogs and/or cats keeping me company while I work. 

Looking at my journey into art, I am inspired to create works that soothe myself and the viewer. I use symbolism and an uplifting intention to provide playfulness, peace and tranquillity through my art experience. The intention behind my art is to connect people with nature through geometry, patterns and colour, thus enabling them soothingly to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level.”

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Creative artistic collaboration

She is also the co-founder of Collaborative Art Creations with her partner, Verna du Toit. What comes to the surface and eventually finds its way into an art form is a journey representing their lives – it contains elements of shadow and light, masculine and feminine, heartbreak and understanding, struggle and triumph. It is with this drive to embrace contrast and deliberate collaboration that they wish to inspire others through art. 

Laresa Perlman Fluidity

Geometry in nature

Her second passion after photography and art is growing succulents. She grows them for their beauty and to be able to photograph them, showing people the intricate symmetry and designs found in nature. She loves seeing the geometric patterns come alive in nature.

“It’s amazing what one sees when you slow down and take a closer look at the intricate patterns, designs and shapes of insects, flowers and plants.”

Laresa Perlman Nature photography

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