Horses in a field

With 16 years of manufacturing experience, Godox offers a wide range of studio photography equipment including products such as studio flashes, outdoor flashes, power packs, and more. Godox Photo Lighting Solutions is a reliable brand providing strong and durable strobes to fit the needs of photographers; whether you’re new to studio photography or a professional who has been shooting portraits for years, Godox will not disappoint.

Some of the excellent products from the Godox range include the X1-C Transmitter. Because of its automatic exposure and metering, it’s a great choice for shooters who need to work quickly. The Godox Witstro AD600 is an all-in-one 600WS Lithium-ion powered strobe. This strobe provides the option of a lightweight remote head, which is a feature that has been on the top of the list of many photographers. And then we have the AD200 TTL Pocket Flash which is lightweight and compact making it a great choice when travelling while still providing uncompromised power. Using the Godox AD200 you will find your shooting will become simpler and you can easily achieve the correct flash exposure even in complex light-changing environments.

Sunset with horses in a field

Thanks to a team of fantastic engineers with extensive experience, Godox keeps creating exciting products each year. They know lighting is the key to creating a beautiful image, therefore it’s necessary to control and manipulate light correctly so that you can, as a result, get the best texture, colour vibrancy and luminosity on your subjects.

The Godox V860II Speedlight, is the world’s first LiPo powered camera flash, which means that it will enhance the overall performance of the flash significantly. Often paired with the Godox V860 is the LEDP260 LED panel that provides your subjects with soft light, accurate colour temperature and even illumination so you have beautiful composed constant light for your photos.

Last on the studio-photography must-haves list is the Godox GS400W lighting kit. With super fast recycling times, this kit will help you capture beautiful images in a studio environment. It’s an essential tool for all aspiring studio photographers.

Monochrome dancers
Dancers in a studio

Are you interested in making stroboscopic photographs like the ones above? In a nutshell, here’s how they’re done.

Stroboscopic photography might sound super technical and daunting but really all it means is shooting a photo with a strobe of light; firing rapid bursts of low power flash during the course of a photographic exposure allowing you to capture a sequence of images of a moving subject in a single frame. You’ll need an external flash for all of this to happen – we recommend the Godox X1 2.4 Ghz Canon TTL Trigger which will allow you to activate the flash from a distance.

Get your creative side going and start exploring with some of the best light altering products made by Godox.