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Clinton Lubbe Reviews the Canon 5D mkIV


Industry expert and photography vlogger, Clinton Lubbe, puts the Canon 5D mk IV to the challenge. He focuses on the new Dual Pixel RAW feature, how it affects the camera’s speed and whether it is worth all the buzz.

Clinton & Gunther put the 5D mkIV’s Dual Pixel RAW Feature to the Test

Focussing on Dual Pixel RAW

When you shoot in DPRAW format you will be able to adjust the following in DPP during postprocessing:

  • Shift focus (this is limited to a few millimetres)
  • Change in foreground and background appearances
  • Reduce flare and ghosting

Clinton’s Hands-On Review of the 5D mk IV

“It’s the Swiss Army knife… everything is there.” The 5D mk IV can shoot up to 7 fps, has 4K video capabilities and also allows for autofocus when shooting video. The focusing system is seriously impressive, performing so well that your “loss rate” will decrease drastically. The shutter is “soft and silky” and while the wireless function is a bit slow when it comes to transferring RAW files, JPEGs transfer quickly and effortlessly. If one has to mention a  The DPP software is frustrating to work with – even more so as you need it utilise the Dual Pixel RAW options in post.

Get your 5D mk IV now

See what else Clinton Lubbe is up to:

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