She loves working with food combinations and shapes.

Sara Saratonina’s love of food and cooking evolved into something greater when she decided to photograph her creations. She studied everything about how our brains process images and therefore understands that we’re stimulated and find pleasure by visuals that coordinate. The most important thing she’s learned since starting her career in 2011 is that if she finds an image pleasing to look at, chances are, other people will too.

Sara Saratonina - breakfast is served

Can you shoot food like Sara?

The whole process is simple. It either starts off at the grocery store scouting for food that look really good and then an image will come to mind, or by drawing an image she’d like to photograph and then taking it from there. She has a massive inventory of colourful mugs, dishes and bowls in every shape, size and colour you can possibly imagine. Her biggest secret thought, is the E.V.A coloured sheets she uses as backgrounds, “they’re great because they’re not reflective and come with a great variety of colours”.

Sara Saratonina Portrait of Eggs
Sara Saratonina Purple Pears
Sara Saratonina - how you like them apples

Photographic equipment to help you create her look:

Her gear list is simple and makes it easy for anyone to experiment.

Sara Saratonina Pink Sweeties