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Your photos are worth something!

Photography is an expensive hobby. Just because you don’t have to buy film or pay for prints anymore, doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you nothing. Just buying a decent DSLR camera and zoom lens will already set you back more than R20000. And [...]

Jana Cruder’s Midnight Reflections

Jana Cruder, professional photographer from Santa Monica, California, was kind enough to share with us her personal experiences as a woman in the world of advertising, commercial, fashion and fine art photography. We are inspired by the way she portrays the women in her photographs as smart, [...]

Sunrise Shoot with Tibor Jakab

At the PSSA 2010 Congress, we had the privilege of having Tibor Jakab join us on our sunrise shoot. He is one of the well-known international photographers who agreed to speak at the 2010 PSSA Congress. What a pleasure, having Tibor there to assist us with our [...]

Arrival at the PSSA 2010 Congress

As we arrived at the Linwood Guest Farm, we were greeted by the friendly face of the congress organizer, Petro, who immediately made us feel welcome and at home. After registration and some much-needed coffee, we set out to meet the people who made this incredible event [...]

Beautiful People

‘Beautiful People’ is a postmillennial undertaking in the form of a picture essay and compiled by photographer Greg du Toit. The piece depicts two of Africa’s remaining traditional cultures and the portfolio is unique in that the author spent two years living and working [...]

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