With its rich grains, film photography has a retro, nostalgic feel that sometimes just looks better even with its imperfections. It dares you to be different and is an affordable way to experiment with new lighting techniques.

Jul 2021

Apr 2019

Get to know photographer Louis Daniel Botha

By |16 Apr 2019|

South African born Louis Daniel Botha first discovered his love of photography while studying medicine. Although he still divides his time between these two occupations, his photography caught our eye with black and white editorial images that you don't see every day.

Instax SA – SQ20 Launch

By |1 Apr 2019|

We share some of our favourite moments at the Instax SQ20 launch. We loved the fact that we could take multiple photographs and print as many photos as we wanted.

Feb 2019

Dec 2018

Mar 2018

Matt Osborne – in love with the imperfection of film

By |23 Mar 2018|

Film photographer Matt Osborne immerses us into the world of analogue photography and what it means to him. Tasteful, timeless, classic. He strives to create images that look as though they weren’t taken in this age and will still look good in a 100 years' time.

Feb 2018

Nov 2017

Sep 2017

Ilford – black and white film for everyone

By |4 Sep 2017|

With a worldwide increase in analogue film sales, instant cameras are becoming all the more popular, and thanks to opportunistic hipsters rummaging through vintage stores in hopes of a precious find, it’s safe to say that film photography has made quite a notable comeback. This brings me to Ilford who offers analogue photographers a wide range of 35mm film, 120 roll film and sheet film.

Jul 2017

Why we shoot film in the digital age

By |28 Jul 2017|

It’s safe to say that many film photographers enjoy the challenge of thinking before pressing the shutter button and waiting for the results - this is what makes film photography so precious. And knowing that film photography means so much to so many different people is really fulfilling.

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