The EOS 1D X III is Canon’s flagship DSLR camera and the ultimate creative toolkit for serious wildlife, sports and action photographers. It prioritises speed, image and video quality, and durability for precise shots in demanding environments.

Tough, reliable & intuitive

Thanks to a rugged, weather-resistant body, the EOS 1D X III excels in the most demanding shooting conditions. It can operate in temperatures 0-45°C and 85% or less humidity, making it a trustworthy companion whether you’re out in the scorching heat of the Savannah or the high humidity of tropical rainforests.

Waves in Tahiti

Pin-sharp shots of moving subjects

Knowing that capturing fast-moving wildlife can be tricky, the EOS 1D X III offers intelligent AF that will blow your mind. Deep learning AF algorithms recognise all kinds of situations and can even track faces hidden by goggles or a helmet. The new AF sensor offers 28 times more resolution than its predecessor, and the new touch AF button (as opposed to a dial button) also allows the user to change the focus point while tracking.

Remarkable continuous shooting performance

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III can capture up to 20 full-frame 20.1 MP images every second when shooting in Live View mode using either its mechanical shutter to capture motion or an electronic shutter for silent shooting. When using the camera’s optical viewfinder the continuous shooting rate is 16 fps. Direct drive motors are used to drive the reflex mirror up and down, returning it to its resting position swiftly, accurately and the minimal “mirror bounce”.

Waves in Tahiti

Superb image quality even in low light

“With wildlife, most of the good shots are taken at twilight,” says Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse. For this reason, the EOS 1D X III incorporates a DIGIC X processor and bespoke 20 MP sensor that enables it to deliver outstanding dynamic range even in low light – up to ISO 102,400, expandable to 812,600. Even at a higher ISO, you can capture print quality night-time images with the EOS 1D X III.

Zero-lag optical viewfinder

Even though cats prefer to hunt at night, some have been known to hunt during midday in the hopes of capturing prey busy cooling off near the watering holes. When the sun is directly overhead, it can be difficult to see clearly on your camera screen – luckily, the viewfinders on EOS 1DX series cameras block out external light sources for accurate views. The optical viewfinder lets you watch events unfold in real-time, improving your response time and letting you capture moments before even the fastest electronic viewfinders have registered them.

Canon EOS 1DX III fast AF

Powerful filmmaking tool

The EOS 1D X III is a formidable visual storyteller. Capture full-frame 4K 60p video (recorded footage internally using the 10-bit HEVC/H.265 codec with Canon Log or 12-bit Raw), or record 5.5K Raw video footage internally to CFexpress cards. For quarter-speed slow-motion effects, Full HD recording with Dual Pixel AF is also available at frame rates up to 120fps. 

  • When shooting video, Dual Pixel AF provides smooth focusing on objects selected by tapping the camera screen. 
  • When focusing manually, focus peaking identifies which areas of the scene are in focus by highlighting them with a coloured outline.
  • Movie Digital IS provides highly effective five-axis image stabilisation when you’re filming handheld – smoothing out shake caused by camera movement.
  • Video captured in 4K can be used to generate 8.8 megapixel still images.

“It’s a game-changer,” says leading underwater surf photographer Ben Thouard, the first pro to shoot with Canon’s flagship pro DSLR. Teahupo’o in Tahiti, French Polynesia, is known as the most dangerous break in the world. With huge, powerful and fast-moving waves breaking over a coral reef just below the surface, it’s the ultimate professional surfing challenge. This is where Ben put the new Canon EOS-1D X Mark III to the test in a first hands-on action shoot, capturing talented Tahitian surfer Kauli Vaast from multiple perspectives from the back of a boat, from his jet ski and in the water. Welcome to the stunning world of surfing and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III.

Dual CFexpress slots

Following feedback from professional photographers, it’s now possible to save still photos to one card and video footage to another card. For this reason, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III’s takes CFexpress cards – the next generation in of storage – in the camera’s two card slots. These cards have significantly higher write speeds, allowing 20 fps shooting in RAW and JPEG mode for an incredible 1000 shots without buffering, plus internal 5.5K Raw video recording.

Network wirelessly

Whether you’re in an ethernet-equipped sports stadium or transmitting pictures for deadline using the built-in Wi-Fi connection, the EOS 1DX Mark III keeps you ahead of the competition. Running a smartphone or tablet on the Camera Connect app and Digital Photo Professional Express app also allows users to browse, edit, retouch and transmit photos on location, or act as a sophisticated remote control for the camera, letting you compose on the device’s screen, change camera settings and shoot still photos and video. PC and Mac computers running EOS Utility can perform these tasks too.

For EF Mount lenses

The Canon EOS 1D X III has en EF lens mount and there are just under 250 native interchangeable lenses available for this mount. 

The EOS 1D X III is a powerful creative storytelling tool for those who seek on-demand quality at a moment’s notice. The image quality also lends itself well to print, perfect for those photographers who want to showcase their work at home or commercially. Browse the product in our online shop