Canon C70 is the first EOS Cinema camera that is compatible with any RF lens from the Canon EOS R system. It combines groundbreaking 4K sensor design, high-performance in-body Image Stabilisation and intelligent autofocus in a small body.

The perfect companion for any solo filmmaker

The EOS C70 bridges DILC (Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera) and Cinema Cameras. In fact, at 1190g (without battery) it is the lightest Cinema EOS camera available, making it easy to work handheld for long periods and to integrate into a range of rigs, including cranes and drones, as well as handheld gimbals when you need additional support. And even though the camera incorporates a built-in portrait grip, it is much shorter than the 1Dx series stills cameras (measuring 160 x 130 x 116mm).

Despite the reduced size of the body, the EOS C70 has an advanced level of functionality and operability that makes it a complete solution for single shooters. It is the next-generation Cinema EOS camera for professional filmmakers and content creators.

EOS C70 Camera with Lenses

The Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera takes RF lenses.

RF Mount

Now filmmakers can benefit from RF system optics. RF lenses share the same large 54mm internal diameter as EF lenses, but at just 20mm, the flange distance from the mount to the camera sensor is less than half the distance required by the EF mount.

Being able to position the rear element closer to the sensor brings an exceptional level of corner-to-corner sharpness with minimal light falloff. The combination of a large diameter and short flange distance also permits the design of faster, brighter lenses with larger maximum apertures.

35mm 4K Sensor

A Dual Gain Output (DGO) Super 35mm 4K sensor produces two separate images at different amplification levels to increase details in both the shadows and highlights while diminishing noise. Combined, these two images produce exceptionally clean footage with a high dynamic range of more than 16 stops. A DIGIC DV7 processor also contributes to the outstanding image quality.

Auto ISO

Auto ISO makes its Cinema EOS debut in the Canon EOS C70, enabling the camera to automatically adjust the sensitivity as lighting conditions change. A new built-in ND filter unit that’s smaller and thinner than that found on either the Canon EOS C500 Mark II or Canon EOS C300 Mark III offers additional exposure control in bright light.

Intelligent autofocus

Taking advantage of Canon’s advanced new tracking and recognition system, namely EOS iTR AF X, the EOS 70 can detect human heads and faces with precision and keep them in focus even when the person turns and moves away from the camera. When combined with the Dual Pixel CMOS AF and touchscreen control, it delivers a rapid and reliable way for single operators to maintain sharp focus.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF is fully supported when shooting at high frame rates. The Canon EOS C70 can record 4K up to 120fps at 4:2:2 10-bit for smooth slow-motion playback, complete with simultaneous audio recording in a separate file, and the top speed can be boosted to 180fps in 2K crop mode.

Professional recording

The Canon EOS C70 offers XF-AVC Intra and Long GOP or MP4 (HEVC) recording. All formats can be recorded internally to an SD card, with the camera’s dual SD card slots enabling a versatile range of recording modes. You can even record in multiple formats, resolutions or codecs at once! Back-up and relay recording options are also available.

Advanced interfaces

A full suite of professional interfaces is also built into the body. It also offers two mini XLR terminals, a microphone terminal, a headphone terminal and full-size HDMI supporting 4K 10-bit output. A USB Type-C connecter can be used for wired or wireless transfer of video data for IP streaming and FTP transfer via a third-party adapter.

Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

No crew, no problem

Do your own thing and go solo with the Canon EOS C70. Not only is it built for handheld recording, but has everything you need to capture award-winning footage. If you’re an independent filmmaker, it doesn’t get any easier than this.