When conditions are tough, the light is poor and the pressure’s on, the Canon 1DX Mark III is fast, precise and powerful without compromising on quality.

3 Major improvements of the 1DX Mark III

  1. Focusing
    Capture images with biting clarity and sharpness. Deep-learning algorithms were programmed to identify different sports, while Face and Eye detection have been joined by advanced tracking ability, tracking athletes even when they’re wearing goggles or a helmet. No matter how fast the action moves, the Canon 1DX Mark III moves faster, adjusting focus to give you critical focus when you need it.
  2. Frames per second
    Most moments in life are fleeting – gone in a fraction of a second never to be repeated. If you’re a photographer, you know this very well. Preserve those once-in-a-lifetime moments forever by capturing the action at up to 20 fps.
  3. Limitless buffer
    The buffer allows RAW + JPEG bursts of up to 1000 frame sequences. This means that sports and wildlife photographers can shoot at full blast without worrying about hitting the buffer.

Another practical feature…

Stay connected, stay competitive
Whether you’re in an ethernet-equipped stadium, shooting a wedding or transmitting pictures for deadline using Wi-Fi, the 1DX Mark III keeps you ahead of the competition with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

For who is the camera?

  • Professional sports photographers
  • Serious wildlife photographers
  • Really anyone whose most desired camera feature is SPEED and can’t afford to miss a second!