For a long time I have had issues with my back on a Sunday morning after doing a wedding, and sometimes the pain would still be there by Monday. Just as I recover during the week I would shoot another wedding and hurt my back all over again. The problem was that the pain just increased every time and lasted longer and I knew I had to do something. Of course, I realised it was because I wear two cameras around my neck for the good part of 8 hours on a wedding day and to top it off, one of them is a Canon 5D body with a battery grip, and a 70-200mm lens.

I recommend the BlackRapid RS-Sport Strap to any photographer.


About a year ago I was at a photographer’s meet-up where Willem Foster from the Sunshine Company was showcasing some of the products, one of these a BlackRapid RS-Sport Strap. Looking at it, I was impressed, but not enough. Then walked away not buying it.

Three months ago I was at the point where I just could not take the pain any longer, so I picked up the phone to contact Willem in order to purchase the RS-Sport strap.

Within a few days (thank you Willem for excellent service) I received my Black Rapid RS-Sport Strap. It was easy as pie to hook it to my camera, and when I put it on, the feeling was amazing! Honestly, it was as if it was made for me. And even though the strap was already so comfortable upon wearing, and easy to use, the best was yet to come.

A few days after my first wedding with the Sport Strap, my back was still a bit painful and I was worried that the strap did not help much. But after waking up the next morning, I felt like a new man and not like someone who had a wedding shoot the day before.

Now, three months later, my back is doing great and there is no pain after doing a wedding shoot. I would recommend the Black Rapid RS-Sport Strap to any photographer. Whether you have back pain or not, I would still urge you to buy it since the strap takes the weight off your back. With all that gear around your neck, you are bound to experience some problems.

The strap’s key features:

1) It fits really easily to your camera. In the picture you can see how it hooks up to the camera and that it has been used for a while now. The strap is really easy to attach and just as easy to take off but still my camera is secure.


2) The strap is really comfortable. Like I mentioned earlier, as if tailor-made for me. With the curved design that fits on the shoulder it removes any weight or discomfort immediately. It is also nicely padded and just broad enough so that it does not cut into your shoulder by the end of the day.


3) The Sport strap also has what they call Bumpers so that you can adjust the camera to stay in place where you would like it to be, whether it is the front or the back.


4) The Sport strap makes it convenient to shoot from any position. You can lie down, shoot from above, use it for landscape mode, and also portrait mode. With comfort, you can show the client some of the images, connect with them, or just leave the camera hanging when you need both hands-free.


There are so many advantages worth mentioning, but these are a few that really stood out to me. It is obvious why the RS-Sport strap is BlackRapid‘s best seller and I simply cannot imagine shooting without it.