In 2008, BlackRapid was founded by photographer Ron Henry who wanted to design gear that was easily accessible when you needed it most and a pleasure to carry the rest of the time. Made from high-quality materials, each strap is designed to meet specific needs, so BlackRapid is not a one-design-fits-all solution. Thanks to a great variety, you’re sure to find a camera strap that works for you.

Mother photographing baby on beach

For the super mom

BlackRapid camera straps are designed to complement all body shapes and sizes, and thanks to their soft padding, fit comfortably. The BlackRapid Curve Camera Breathe Strap is a hands-free strap that gives you complete control over your gear without the stress of it falling by accident. This DSLR strap is comfortable and durable-you can rely on it to keep your expensive gear safe. Thanks to shoulder padding it fits snuggly around your body without hurting you in any way, perfect for a mom who already has many things (and person/s) to carry. The adjustable length and buckles add to this strap’s versatility.

hipsters on bikes with straps and cameras

For the hipster

BlackRapid has something for you even if you’re a more edgy art lover. This bright orange strap is the best way to protect your camera while looking stylish and trendy. The BlackRapid Cross Shot Breathe Camera Strap has an over-moulded pad made from soft rubber that ensures comfort and keeps it from slipping off your shoulder. The strap is 160cm in length, so you have ample movement with your gear and the buckles will keep your camera secure.

Adventurists on lake

For the adventurist

Have you always been afraid of taking your expensive gear with you on an adventure? Well, now thanks to BlackRapid’s straps you have no reason to leave your gear at home. The BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe Camera Strap allows you to connect two pieces of equipment, so if you’ve ever wanted to gaze at the environment and take pictures of rare findings whilst drifting calmly down the river in a canoe, this is the strap for you. Take a pair of binoculars and a camera with you and keep them right by your side. The hybrid strap includes a separate stabilising strap which prevents the two straps from tangling. Due to its shoulder padding and extra webbing, this strap is both strong and comfortable.

BlackRapid Curve Breathe

  • Strap length with pad: 167cm
  • Pad consists of: Nylon mono mesh, TPE foam, polyester and air mesh
  • Pad length: 37.5cm
  • Pad width: 4.5-8cm
  • Webbing: 100% Nylon

BlackRapid Cross Shot Breathe

  • Strap length with pad: 160cm
  • Over-moulded pad: Soft, TPR rubber
  • Pad width: 3.5cm
  • Webbing: 100% Polypropylene adjustable length
  • Webbing width: 2.5cm

BlackRapid Hybrid Breathe

  • Adjustable length: 91.4-160cm
  • Shoulder pad width: 4.6cm-10.9m
  • Webbing width: 2.5cm
  • Weight (with webbing for second camera): 323g

BlackRapid has something for everyone

From having your gear safely strapped around your wrist to a longer sturdy shoulder harness that makes the load lighter, BlackRapid will impress with their variety of strong and durable camera straps. Rely on BlackRapid to keep your beloved photography equipment protected.