Best mirrorless cameras for TikTok users

If you’re looking to create TikTok videos, you should consider a few factors before making your purchase. We take a look at those factors and explore our three favourite mirrorless cameras for TikTok users.

What to look out for in a camera for TikTok content creating:


TikTok videos are casual and usually taken in the moment with little editing. You’re going to need a camera that is lightweight and portable.

Video quality

TikTok is predominantly focussed on video content (in portrait format), which means you’re gonna need a camera that provides high-quality video… and if that camera has automatic portrait shooting mode, it will make editing a breeze.


This platform is all about video, and sound is an important factor for quality video. Nobody wants scratchy, flat, hollow or echoing sound, it will make people just scroll past. A camera with quality audio capabilities will just take your content to the next level and allow you to shoot in a variety of environments.


Because TikTok videos involve a lot of movement, you’re going to need a camera with fast, reliable autofocus. Subject tracking is a feature you should look out for.


Being a social media platform, bluetooth and WiFi capability is essential. You want to be able to transfer videos from your camera, directly to your phone, fast.

Most content creators use smartphones to create TikTok content; they’re easy to use and offer great photo and video capabilities. However, if you want high-quality content that stands out, a simple, compact mirrorless camera is the way to go.

Best mirrorless cameras for TikTok users

Best mirrorless cameras for TikTok users

Sony ZV-1F Vlogging Camera

This pocket-size digital camera is designed specifically for vloggers and content creators. The built-in Eye AF tracks human faces and eyes to ensure you stay in focus, even when you’re moving. With the Directional 3-Capsule Mic in that’s placed in front of the camera and the included windscreen you can expect crisp audio, no matter the circumstances. Instantly share content to your smartphone using WiFi.

Canon PowerShot V10 Vlog Camera Kit

Compact enough to fit into your pocket! Enhanced Image Stabilisation captures smooth, stable footage. With two built-in stereo mics and a third for background noise reduction, you can enjoy clear audio, always. The intuitive wizard enables you to automatically connect to nearby Bluetooth or WiFi for easy transferring of files. (With the Canon Camera Connect app you can livestream on YouTube or Facebook.)

Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera

An ultra-compact touchscreen body with 9:16 vertical video created especially for social media content creation. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities help you to instantly share your content with the world. It recognises people, vehicles and animals, tracking them as they move anywhere in the frame while prioritising your subject’s eye ensuring quality content. The compact body and 4-stop optical Image Stabiliser ensure steady footage where camera shake is reduced.

Ultimately, the best camera for TikTok depends on your specific needs and budget.