The Benro Tortoise columnless Zero series tripod offers a superior balance of strength and portability, ideal for wanderlust travellers who want to take their photography to the next level.

Benro Tortoise tripod


The tripod is made from carbon fibre braided composite tubing that is compact and lightweight so it won’t weigh you down as you explore new angles to make your footage pop.

While it does not weigh much, the Benro Tortoise Zero has a high payload of 8 kg enabling you to set up your DSLR or mirrorless camera with a lens and accessories.

  • 8kg load capacity
  • weighs 920g

The tripod has reverse-folding legs that not only enable inverted shooting, which is useful for shooting from low angles but makes for a compact tool that is easy to carry or fit into a bag. When folded, it only measures 15 cm in length and 8 cm in diameter.

  • 31.5 cm max working height
  • 15 cm min working height
  • 30 cm folded length

This tripod’s portable size is thanks to not having a centre column. This columnless design also makes it more stable as it reduces shake that is common to high centre column positioning (important for video content).

Benro Tortoise tripod

The Benro Tortoise tripod offers many advanced features in a travel-friendly design:

Ergonomic auto-hold leg adjustment

Adjusting the tripod legs is easy. Ergonomic twist locks are highly grippable, which makes opening and closing the legs fast and secure. To adjust the tripod legs, simply press the trigger, adjust the legs and press the lock again when you’ve reached the desired angle.

Stable, independent leg positioning

The tripod has self-adaptive rubber feet that grip no matter the positioning and improve stability. And the three legs offer an independent spread with three different locking positions that allow for a multi-leg setup on uneven terrain.

Add extra accessories

Three built-in accessory mounts allow you to attach extension arms, monitors, lights and more, which comes in handy if you’re shooting video content.

Versatile mounting

With a simple press, the 3/8″-16 thread mount converts to a 14″-20 for more versatility. This self-adaptive mount ensures that the tripod is compatible with most tripod ball heads, fluid heads and gimbals.

Benro Tortoise tripod
Benro Tortoise tripod


The Benro Tortoise tripod comes with a padded carrying case and a PU65 QR camera plate. You can buy the tripod only, or as a kit that includes either a GH2F or GX35 ball head or an S4Pro video head. Find all the kits options here.